• Informatica connectivity with MailChimp

    I need to fetch data from MailChimp API using informatica 9.5. Is there any connector/Unix drivers (since my informatica is installed on Solaris )  available for this?   Can anybody help me on this ?  ...
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  • Administror Home Page is Not Opening

    I have installed PowerCenter 9.5.0 server successfully but after I could not open the Administrator Home page in any of the browser(Mozilla,Chome and IE).   The following is the error messing in Mozilla Firefox(...
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    I have a set of workflow variables used to create a remote file name.   For example, in the Output File name in the session, I have' $$wfJulian_$$CurWhseAbrev_EVRTNS_$$curTimestamp.dat'. I was hoping to use a p...
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  • MS Access (mdb) files under PowerCenter client folder

    What is the purpose of the FactoryDB.mdb and FusionMapsDB.mdb files located under my Powercenter client subfolders, such as under c:\informatica\9.5.1\clients\iReport-Professional.... ?
    Ed Brennan
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  • Match transformation

    Hi, I am using Match transformation in IDQ. But I have few questions :- 1. How does group key impact in match process ? Why is it mandatory ? 2. I am using Field match dual analysis , I am getting error on it while...
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  • Index store and Data store in Match transformation

    Hi, Can you please help me in understand   1. what is Index store and data store ? 2. Is it applicable only incase of Identity match analysis ? 2. What are significance of it ? 3. How to implement it in tra...
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  • Erroer while adding entity_type in hierarchy

    Hi All,   I am working in informatica mdm 9.5 version , I am getting error below error SIP-10349: Error comitting table: Unexpected exception when running action 'addHmEntityType': 'SIP-10321: Error commiting...
  • Email setup in Informatica: MAP Initialization error

    Hi, I am trying to do email configuration setup in Informatica server windows. here are the steps which I have done so far: 1. from informatica administrator under domain tab, SMTP configuration, I gave below detail...
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  • DOM_10079 error when creating integration service

    Hi, We successfully installed Informatica, and we could create a repository service and enabled, but when i try to create the integration service, it gives the DOM_10079 cannot start service on any of the specified n...
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    Is this really just a variable to contains the password for INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN? There is no direct to the domain itself (like the ID used in the connection string), correct?  These variables can refer to any acc...
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    Hi, I need experts help. I have to compare the source with the datamart  and 1. if the record is new, insert with a status code 'I' in the datamart 2. if the record is an update, insert the record with a ...
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    Hi,   Can you please give me your suggession on the following scenario using static lookup.   I have 4 groups in the mapping A, B, C, D. In the first look up each group will look for table 1 individually a...
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  • Please Help: Getting Rid of spaces with trailing string in Informatica

    Hi,   I have a situation where I need to trim the column before I process. Couple of columns the data is coming like (    12345), there are 4 spces before the string 12345. How do I get rid of the...
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  • Filter out charectors in a row

    Hi i have input like    101ab101c 82c82d 106q106w       i need output like   101 abc 82 cd 106 qw
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  • Different roles assigned to Administrator

    Hi All-I would like to know what are all the roles that we can assign to a developer to make him an Administator and for each role what tasks can be performed.   Is there a document where I can find this details...
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  • XML File as Source

    Hi Techies,   Can anyone please explain me how to get Currently Processes Filename from XML source. Is there any option to fetch it, if so where should i enable that option. In XML editor i dont find that option...
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  • Truncating values when using LTRIM and RTRIM in infa level.

    Hi all,     I'm using LTRIM and RTRIM function in informatica level. But it is truncating that value in infa, where as when i tried to execute TRIM function for the same value in DB level it is working fine...
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  • Error while dragging port from XML SQ to EXP trans

    Hi SK,   As you said , i have added the Proccessed file name port in the definition. But when i drag that port from SQ to EXP, an error msg is popping up as "concatenation disallowed...."     Please f...
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  • Hard Coded Informatica 8.6 Path issues.

    We recently upgraded to 9.1 But we find that the path  /usr/PowerCenter/861/server/ infa_shared/TgtFiles is being used in the Pre-Session and Post-Session Command of the session and this is causing issues, as th...
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  • How-To web service consumer transformation

    Hi All,   I tried to search docs regarding how to use web service consumer transformation in a mapping. but no luck.   Could anybody guide me where I can find the doc that show the details of how to use we...
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