• How to convert decimal(8,0) to date yyyy/mm/dd using expression transformation

    Hello friends. Can you help me with the above question?
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  • Data Validation Option/Client

    I'm looking towards installing data validation option/client. It is a feature of power center. I already have power center, but need install-able for Data validation option/client.   Can someone please guide?
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  • Reading XOP+XML SOAP responses from Oracle Fusion

    Hi,   We are trying to upload a binary file to Oracle Fusion Cloud using ErpIntegrationService (Fusion). Currently the file is Base64 encoded.   According to session logs the upload process works and we re...
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  • Call a batch script

    Hi,   I have an informatica which is installed on server A. While I have batch script on server B. How can I run a workflow on server A and call batch scripts from Server B. Thanks in advance.
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  • Can any one plz answer? I have a client round with BMPP. what kind of questions will i be asked?a

    Bmpp is the client . so what kind of questions will i get. plz share any suggestion is highly appreciated. thank you
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  • Continuous Integration

    Hi,   do we have any continuous integration features in Informatica? (version 9.5)?   Or are there any recommendations using external tools for Continuous Integration?   The tools I am aware that cou...
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  • Informatica Oracle EBS connection

    How can we run or set context for a multi org environment (for Oracle eBusiness Suite). Our ERP system has multiple org and to get data based on different org we have to set or run "mo_global.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT" comma...
    Lalit Sharma
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  • configure wf to run  on 1 node manualy in grid architecture.

    Hi,   Is it possible to configure the workflows to run only on 1 node manually in a grid architecture? we have grid arch(2-nodes combination) ,where one wf when runs on node 1 failed ,but when runs on node 2 com...
    Deepak Sinha
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  • Connection retry period does not work as expected for SQL server reader in PowerCenter and session fails immediately.

    Hi Team,   Connection retry period does not work as expected for SQL server reader in PowerCenter and session fails immediately. Please resolve and guide for the additional setting.   Thanks Siddharth.
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  • Error running session

    Hi,   I have a session which was running fine until 2 days back and later started erroring out with the following error FATAL ERROR : An unexpected condition occurred in file [/export/home/builds/pc9x_root/950...
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  • XML Reader error

    XML Reader Error, "Expected comment or process instruction     I am trying to read from a source XML file, and do a straight forward pass-through into the target database   The problem: this works fin...
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  • Workflows which make use of DB2 connections

    Hi Team,   We do have lot of folders in Informatica . Each folder contains many workflows.   My task is to find out which workflows make use of DB2 connections.   How could this be done , as I told t...
  • Informatica DVO - DVOCmd utility

    Hi,   Just wanted to know below details regarding Informatica DVO.   1) Is There any server side DVOCmd utility for informatica DVO. 2) How to run the multiple tests by using a .bat file. please share t...
  • Hello All

    I am in process of upgrade from 9.01 to 9.1.0. Upgraded master node successfully but while upgrading backup node getting below error:- " The domain is not available. The domain was created successfully but the doma...
    Raju Desai
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  • How do I get a workflow to run on two different schedules?

    I need a workflow to run on two different schedules.  For example, what if I wanted a workflow to run at 5:00 PM daily except for certain days of the month like the 1st and the 15th.  One those days I want t...
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  • [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application

    Hi,   I have an issue saying "[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application". My machine OS is an 64bit and informatica client is an 32...
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  • filtering out data from file

    Hi All,     The source is a file. The file has 4 columns. If the value of one of the  is 999. Then it would not to be loaded into the target table. Could you please show me an approach.   Regards...
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  • XML Output: Don't display tags that have default attribute values but no tag content.

    I have a small XML source file that I am translating into a larger XML schema that was generated from an XSD. I do not want/need to map every field in the target. The XSD has elements that have attributes with default...
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  • Error while running mapping which contains Unstructured data transformation and XML Parser.

    Hello All,   I am getting following error while running a mapping which is reading file from Unstructured data transformation and passing it on to XML parser. My output is XML file.   Informatica Power Cen...
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  • Wrong Template Version Found Error Message after upgrading to IIR 9.5.3HF2

    Hi Team,   We have upgraded our IIR Version from 9.0.3 to 9.5.3HF2 and post upgrade when trying to login into Cosole and creating rulebase we get the below error message   An Error has occured : Wrong tem...