• Can any one plz answer? I have a client round with BMPP. what kind of questions will i be asked?a

    Bmpp is the client . so what kind of questions will i get. plz share any suggestion is highly appreciated. thank you
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  • Hello All

    I am in process of upgrade from 9.01 to 9.1.0. Upgraded master node successfully but while upgrading backup node getting below error:- " The domain is not available. The domain was created successfully but the doma...
    Raju Desai
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  • MS Access (mdb) files under PowerCenter client folder

    What is the purpose of the FactoryDB.mdb and FusionMapsDB.mdb files located under my Powercenter client subfolders, such as under c:\informatica\9.5.1\clients\iReport-Professional.... ?
    Ed Brennan
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  • Informatica version for Tableau Support (.tde extract generation)

    Hi All,   We are currently in Informatica Version 9.5, can someone confirm which version of Informatica supports tableau extract (.tde) generation?   Thanks! Jai
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  • Java Version for 9.6.1 on RHEL 6.x

    Hi,   We are planning to install INFA 9.6.1 on RHEL 6.6. I was reading the "961 Install ans Config guide", It says "If you are installing Informatica on AIX, HP-UX, or zLinux, install the Java Development Kit...
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  • executeBatchGroup  Web Service without orsid

    Hi,   I have been working to try and determine the correct syntax to send an executeBatchGroup Web Service call to the hub without setting the orsId. I am able to get the call to work when I include the orsId, bu...
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  • Upgrading MDE PL/SQL user exits from v9.5.1 to v10

    Are we forced to re-write PL/SQL user exits in java when upgrading MDE from v9.5.1 to v10 ? What are the options ?   Thank you. Deepak Gopal
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  • Migration approach for IDQ services schema contents from 9.1 to 9.6.1

    Hi All,   We are in process of installing Informatica 9.6.1 (fresh install) on new servers. Currently we are on 9.1   I want to know if there is any defined or recommended approach for migrating contents o...
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  • PWX 9.5 /9.6 & Windows 2012

    I reviewed PAMs for PWX 9.5, and PWX 9.6 and realized Window 2012 was not listed for PWX 9.5. If we upgrade the PWX client to 9.6 can it run with PWX 9.5 on the Unix server side? Or do I need to upgrade the server ver...
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  • Multiple domains on same linux server

    rakshith SMUZAMIL We have only one domain and one node on our Linux server where our 861 is currently running.   Now I am planning to install 9.5.1 in different directory and I am using different schema for dom...
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  • Installation directory change while upgrading

    Hi All,   I am upgrading informatica from 8.6.1 to 9.5.1 HF2 on Linux,  I am doing an in-place upgrade.   Currently my INFA_HOME =/abc/xyz/Informatica/Powercenter8.6.1 but I want change this to /abc/...
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  • Changing Database types

    We want move off UDB as our repository database type. Is there a documnet and/or KB to do something like this?
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  • ENV variables need to remove before 9.5 upgrade

    Hi All,   I am using 9.1.0 on Linux machine. And planning to upgrade to 9.5.1.  Before upgrade to 9.5.1 I'm performing below steps.   1.   BACKUP DOMAIN2.  BACKUP OF REPOSITORIES’&...
    Anji Gannavarapu
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  • Data Validation Option (DVO)

    Hi All,   I have Just come across the Data validation option provided by informatica for the validation of data/metadata for the upgrades. Can someone point me to the Usage guide of this DVO tool provided by inf...
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  • Informatica Upgrade

    Hi All,   I am working on informatica 5.1 which is a very old version and we are planning to upgrade to 9.5 through 7.1-->8.6-->9.5. Do you have any case studies for informatica upgrade and also what are t...
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  • Which version of tomcat I'm using on Linux server

    Hi All,   How do I find out which version of tomcat I'm using for Informatica product on Linux server?   Thanks
    Anji Gannavarapu
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  • Hi! What is the benefit to upgrade from 9.1 to 9.5 Powercenter

    We're not intested in BigData option yet. What we use is the PowerCenter 9.1 features only. What are the benefits of 9.5 comparing to 9.1 Powercenter (without BigData option and all other new options too, if we compar...
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  • Upgrade from 8.6.1 to 9.5 and switching from Windows to Unix

    Hi,   We are planning to upgrade from 8.6.1 to 9.5 in a near future and we would like to take advantage of this transition time to switch our Informatica Environnement from Windows to Unix.   Since the OS ...
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  • Move and Upgrade 8.6.1 to 9.5.1

    I currently have multiple 8.6.1 versions that I want to move to new servers and also upgrade to version 9.5.1. What is the perferred method? Move to new servers as 8.6.1 versions and then upgrade? Upgrade in place and...
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  • upgrade from 9.5 to 9.5.1 hf 2

    Are there step by step instructions to upgrade hot fixes...linux x64?  Do I copy the tar file in the same directory as 9.5 and tar -xf and proceed as an installation but as an upgrade?   Appreciate any inf...
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