• Connection retry period does not work as expected for SQL server reader in PowerCenter and session fails immediately.

    Hi Team,   Connection retry period does not work as expected for SQL server reader in PowerCenter and session fails immediately. Please resolve and guide for the additional setting.   Thanks Siddharth.
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  • Hello All

    I am in process of upgrade from 9.01 to 9.1.0. Upgraded master node successfully but while upgrading backup node getting below error:- " The domain is not available. The domain was created successfully but the doma...
    Raju Desai
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  • MS Access (mdb) files under PowerCenter client folder

    What is the purpose of the FactoryDB.mdb and FusionMapsDB.mdb files located under my Powercenter client subfolders, such as under c:\informatica\9.5.1\clients\iReport-Professional.... ?
    Ed Brennan
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  • OBJM_54538 Unable to connect to the reposiREP_51002 Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libclntsh.so.10.1: cannot oopen shared object file:No such file or directory] Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libpmora8.so]

    Hi All,   I am new to informatica and we are configuring OBIA 7964. Informatica version is 9.6.1 . Now , when we are tring to create a repository and our database is oracle database(11.2.3); we are getting the b...
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  • Informatica PowerCenter  9.6.1

    Hi All,   We are in process of implementing OBIA for one our clients. In that process we are required to install Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1 server and client. Also, I need to understand what is the co...
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  • Migrate the Repository contents from PowerCenter 8.6.1 to PowerCenter 9.1.0 in another location

    I need to perform a repository content migration from 861 to 961 with 910 as a bridge. 861 is in one location and 910 in another. can we do this by backin up 861 and restoring in 910 ?
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  • Is a worker node mandatory in GRID environment

    Here's the scenario. We have two nodes and we are planning to setup a grid environment with High availability. We have licenses for both Grid and HA. The question is, can we setup both nodes as Gateway nodes? I k...
    Sumanth Pasham
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  • Informatica pre-installation(i9Pi) System Check Tool Results

    I did a pre check for installing Informatica 9.6.1 hotfix 2 using i9Pi.exe. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1. The System Check Summary Says..... [Fail] Operating System: Operating system is Windows 7....
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  • Third Party Scheduler with Informatica Cloud

    I started to use Third Party Scheduler with Informatica Cloud for scheduling informatica tasks i have in my login. But the scheduler is giving me following error "restenv.properties file not found" If would really a...
  • Java Version Upgrade Effect on Informatica PowerCenter

    Hello All,   I am currently using Informatica PowerCenter 9.1.0 Hot Fix 6 Client.   Could you please tell me what will be the effect on Informatica PowerCenter if Java version is being updated to JRE8 upda...
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  • Facing issue with SAP R/3 source filter in program flow

    we have huge amount of source data in IDOC sources, I want to restrict the selection of data at source level itself by date. It is also required to prevent our workflows failing due to CPIC timeout error. Alex needs a...
  • Does Informatica 9.5 work correctly with Oracle 12c as source or target

    Hi,   My client is planning to migrate one of the application database from oracle 11g to 12c. Informatica PowerCenter ver 9.5. So my quesion is Does Informatica 9.5 work correctly with Oracle 12c as source or ...
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  • Informatica Server Fail to Start

    Hi,   We are current using Informatica 9.0.1 with DAC and OBIEE. Infomatica is installed on Window Server 2008. Recently we have a copy back to copy the data from Production to Testing Environment. To ensure the...
  • Informatica PowerCener 9.6.1 installation on UNIX Cluster

    I need to install Informatica PowerCenter on a UNIX Cluster. This is not Informatica Cluster, HA or GRID. I could not find anything around it but from documentation regarding UNIX Clusters it seems to be a standard in...
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  • Connecting to Named instance of SQL Server thru Informatica using ODBC entry

    Hi,   I'm trying to connect to the Named instance of SQL Server from informatica 9.0.1 using the ODBC Entry. While submitting the job, am getting the below error:   My ODBC.ini entry is as follows: ...
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  • Installation setup questions

    Greetings,   Some general questions;   Our current plan is for a 2 server configuration, 1 production, 1 dev.   1 - Would a single domain make the best sense? If so would I need to install on the mas...
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  • Workbench installation

    Hi We have recently installed IDQ on a test system but cant find the workbench installation, can you provide a link for downloading this?   The version we have on the live system is v8.5.0.16.   Regards ...
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  • Pushdown Teradata Views

    Hi,   In my enviroment I have PowerCenter 9.0 and database Teradata, using Pushdown Optimization. The workload have lots of sessions and frequent occurs deadlock errors. In order to, solve the problem I drop th...
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  • Starting PWX 9.5 Listner on Windows2080 box

    We have installed PWX 9.5 on Windows2080 w/o an issue, but the listner can't start. We get the following:   50115 151245 WIN64 0 PWX00528 Service "PowerExchange_Listener" does not exist. RC=1060.  150115 ...
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  • Informatica 9.5.1. : The master gateway data in the domain configuration repository was updated during the last refresh time interval 100778

    hi   am getting this error, every 3-4 days causing node to shutdown..   2013-02-04 07:35:07,403 INFO [Thread 6 of 6 in DomainServiceThreadPool] [SPC_10018] Request to start process for service [_AdminCon...
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