• Informatica Oracle EBS connection

    How can we run or set context for a multi org environment (for Oracle eBusiness Suite). Our ERP system has multiple org and to get data based on different org we have to set or run "mo_global.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT" comma...
    Lalit Sharma
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  • Connection retry period does not work as expected for SQL server reader in PowerCenter and session fails immediately.

    Hi Team,   Connection retry period does not work as expected for SQL server reader in PowerCenter and session fails immediately. Please resolve and guide for the additional setting.   Thanks Siddharth.
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  • Hello All

    I am in process of upgrade from 9.01 to 9.1.0. Upgraded master node successfully but while upgrading backup node getting below error:- " The domain is not available. The domain was created successfully but the doma...
    Raju Desai
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  • MS Access (mdb) files under PowerCenter client folder

    What is the purpose of the FactoryDB.mdb and FusionMapsDB.mdb files located under my Powercenter client subfolders, such as under c:\informatica\9.5.1\clients\iReport-Professional.... ?
    Ed Brennan
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  • Exporting code from 9.5.1 to 9.6.1

    Hi, We migrated one of our environment to 9.6.1 with HA. We want to migrate our latest code from one environment which is on 9.5.1 HF4 to the upgraded environment.   Is there any issue in doing this? If so, wha...
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  • Node name for a grid environment

    Hi,   I have observed that the hostname of the Informatica server is stored in some of the repository/domain tables. In case of a multi node (HA and Grid) implementation how do we store the hostnames?   1...
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  • Managing Informatica Relational Connections

    Hi,   We have a new policy in place to rotate password of our database every 90 days. In this case, the effort of changing the passwords for all the relational connections we have in Informatica will be huge. &#...
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  • odbc.ini settings for connecting to SQL Anywhere 12?

    Hello – I am attempting to read data out of a SQL Anywhere 12 Database using PC v9.5 . I was able to read the table definitions into PC, but when I go to run my mapping, I am getting errors. I have downloaded th...
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  • Oracle client installation on HA

    Hi, We are moving to Informatica HA architecture. In this case we will have 3 nodes instead of 1 node. Where should the Oracle client installed in this case. Should it be on the each of the nodes or should it be inst...
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  • Connection created in Admin Console does not show up in workflow manager

    Hi,   I have created relational connection in Admin Console under Domain Tab. I gave all privileges on this connection to user. Still when i login to workflow manager in Power Center i am not able to see that con...
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  • SF_34038 :Client application [PmCmd]'s connection [157] broken unexpectedly.  System returns error code [errno = 0], error message [Success]

    Hi All,   We are getting below error while loading target table using mload source being flat file . Loading of table completes in 10 mins after loading the records from file .no rejections .   But even a...
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  • Informaitca 9.6.1 Upgrade

    Hi All,   we have a 4 nodes with 9.5.1 version, and we have a plan to upgrade that to 9.6.1 version. I have a question that can we upgrade all node parallel? or one after another node. Why i am asking in 9.6.1 t...
    Gurram Balakrushna
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  • java.net.SocketException: Too many open files

    We are getting java.net.SocketException: Too many open files and unable to access the PowerCenter Administrator website. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?
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  • Create difference application services on same database schema

    Hi Experts,   I need to create different application services on the same database schema due to additional protocol to create new schemas in my DBA group. I have created Metadata Manager service, Repository ser...
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  • Unable to open Administration console in 951

    Hi Guys,   We have 951 environment and working fine. and we took complete 951(installation directory) clone and copied to another server and made changes like Define domain, define gateway and update-gateway ope...
    Gurram Balakrushna
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  • Changing default Security Domain for Informatica services

    When I log into the certain Informatica services (Admin Console, Analyst, Metadata Manager) "Native" has been defaulted as the Security Domain.  Our organization uses a different security domain.  The PowerC...
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  • Having two versions of PowerCenter on the same serever

    Has anyone installed and have running two versions of PowerCenter on the same Unix server?
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  • cannot connect to domain error.

    hi all,   during maintenance window the infa services were not shutdown. after the server is up i am unable to connect to admin console and repository in infa PC. please advise.   i tried shutdown and star...
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  • Automate Infa services while doing maintenance activities

    Hi Team, Could you please help me to have automate script to shutdown and startup the INFA services while doing Infra maintanace for DB and Unix activities. Please suggest action here.   Regards Raju
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  • Command to start domain in Redhat linux server (Infa 9.5.1 Hotfix 2)

    Hi,     I have recently installed Informatica 9.5.1Hotfix 2 in Redhat Linux environment. For installation of Social Media Server, I've shut down the domain from Administrator tool. Now I am not being ...
    Xitiz Pugalia
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