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Informatica 9.5

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The Informatica 9.5 upgrade planner is now available for users looking for resources and information about v9.5 upgrade. Informatica Upgrade Planner has been designed and created by the Informatica Global Customer Support team to provide an insight into the Informatica product upgrades.


This self-paced e-learning module will provide you with information required to upgrade to Informatica 9.5. In this module, you will learn about the new features, architecture and upgrade process. Additionally, it includes upgrade paths for upgrading to Informatica 9.5 from a previous version.



Informatica Administrator

Informatica PowerCenter Developer

Informatica Data Quality Developer/User

Informatica Analyst


URL for 95 Upgrade Planner:




MySupport Portal Team.



The following is the targeted release dates for the 9.5.1. You may use this as a guide for scheduling the deployment of future releases/mile-stones.


** Please note that these dates are subject to change. **




Release   timeline



Last week of December 2012





Informatica MySupport Portal Team

Informatica 9.5 includes the following products and their highlights:


  • Data Services 9.5 (includes Web Services)
    • New Performance/Scale features (Grid support, Early selection/Push into enhancements etc.)
    • New native/optimized ODBC access from BI tools
    • Native row level security support
  • Data Quality 9.5
    • Ability to use Human Tasks within Workflows
    • Inbox and new UI for Data Exception handling using IDD
    • Use of probabilistic Parsing and Labelling Capabilities
    • Support creation and editing of Reference Tables from Developer
  • Data Explorer 9.5
    • Domain Discovery – Infer functional meaning from enterprise data
    • Enterprise Discovery – Automated (single step) data discovery across entire databases/apps
  • Self-Service Data Integration 9.5 - Data Integration Analyst Option
    • Embedded Data Profiling and Midstream Data Preview
    • SQL Query Interface
    • Usability Improvements (Automap, Join recommendations, etc.)
  • Data Transformation 9.5
    • New design-time environment integrated with Informatica Platform
    • New XMap Option for hierarchical-to-hierarchical mapping
  • PowerCenter 9.5
    • PowerCenter Certification and HA/Grid support on VMWare
    • Incremental Teradata PDO enhancements
  • Metadata Manager 9.5
    • New XConnect for SAP BW
    • New XConnect for Custom Metadata (with Rule-based Linking)
  • PowerExchange 9.5
    • Enhanced ECCR functionality covering registration support and reporting
    • Database performance/functionality improvements Adabas, Datacom, for DB2 (LUW)
    • Mainframe data exposed for consumption by ILM Retirement.
  • PowerExchange for Hadoop 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Facebook 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Twitter 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Twitter Streaming 9.5
  • PowerExchange for LinkedIn 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Oracle E-Business Suite 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Email Server 9.5
  • PowerExchange for JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.5
  • PowerExchange for JD Edwards World 9.5
  • PowerExchange for LDAP 9.5
  • PowerExchange for LotusNotes 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Siebel 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Essbase 9.5
  • PowerExchange for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.5
    • PowerExchange for SAP 9.5
      • SAP BW 7.3 support (PC)
      • SAP BW OHS 7.3 RAW Interface support (PC)
      • RFC 7.20 library support (PC & Mercury)
  • PowerExchange for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (PC only ) 9.5
    • New authentication supported – Cloud and IFD
    • Additional complex data types support – Partylist, State and Status
    • Writer support for Intersect entities
  • PowerExchange for WS Consumer (Mercury) 9.5
    • SOAP 1.2,
    • WSDL and Schema Synchronization
    • Push-into filter optimization
    • Concurrent processing
      • PowerExchange for Relational Databases 9.5
    • Sybase ASE 15.5 Support
    • MSFT SQL Server Datetime2 Support
  • PowerExchange for Teradata PT 9.5
    • Consolidated Installer with PC
    • Common Binaries for Teradata versions
  • PowerExchange for GreenPlum 9.5
    • Informatica Branded and Versioned
    • Upgrade Support


Release Notes


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Platform Support


For more information on Platform Support for Informatica 9.5, see our Product Availability Matrices section


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