• How to set up Boolean logic using multiple columns?

    I am wanting to create this new column which is a boolean. It will return a "Y" if the conditions are true and an "N" otherwise.   A condition is true depending on certain columns:   Date_column has to be ...
    Thomas Stevens
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  • Informatica admin activities?

    Hi,   I'm new to informatica admin. What are the tasks needs to be taking care by admin? Could you explain on this?   Thanks, Sankar
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  • Generate all possible combinations of values in a column

    My source table looks like:   Col_1 Col_2 1 F 2 S 3 A   I want to generate a target that has all possible combinations of values from column Col_2 and add a surrogate key. The target should be like: SK Comb...
    Anand Rajakrishnan
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  • Sequence generator is passing null

    Hi All,   In my mapping I have a sequence generator which passes the nextvalue to 3 different targets via an expression transformation. But I can see the value in only 2 targets(table) and in one more target ( ...
    Vidya M C
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  • Storing the Source and Target record count

    Hi,   I designed an informatica mapping which will extract the data from .txt file and load into oracle table. This process is working as per the expected.   I would also like to know and store how many re...
    john S
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  • Why the Integration service goes down frequently?

    Hi,   Powercenter Integration service goes down frequently. and below is the error message I get every time.   Same error was available in node.log as well.         Powercenter GRID ...
    Vidya M C
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  • The infacmd getSessionLog command does not work when a PowerCenter session is in a worklet when coupled with workflow Run ID parameter

    HI Team,   Getsession log for an worklet works fine if we ignore the worklow run id or instance name parameter.   infacmd.sh getSessionLog -dn name_of_domain -is integration_service_name-rs repository_name...
  • Unable Edit Source Field Types in Mapping Task

    Multiple files are to be loaded into their respective tables . Both files & tables have same schema/format, only file/table names are diff. Each field inside has same name,ordinal position & data types. Used I...
    Himanshu P
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  • Valid XML source not read because tag missing

    Hello,   I have a weird problem. I developed a mapping that reads data from an xml file and inserts it in a flat file. My mapping works well but when I remove a specific tag, the mapping doesn't generate the f...
    Hugo ROCHE
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  • How to dynamically change the Informatica connection attribute?

    Hello Folks, Could someone help me with the below requirement? The naming convention of our SQL server DBs are <DB_Name>_<Current_Date>. We have a rule defined at DB level to automatically create a repl...
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  • Data being truncated

    Hello,   Some data is being truncated (warning FR_3015) in my reader. But I've checked and I'm sure of the datatypes I've specified (string 14). I've checked the whole mapping for precision issues but I can't fi...
    Hugo ROCHE
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  • Help in webservice Consumer transformation

    Hi All,   I need one help regarding Web service consumer transformation my requirement is as below I have to consume two web service(SOAP) the first one will give the token as output and that token i need to...
    mayur marathe
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  • Need guidance with PowerCenter DI Developer Specialist Certification

    Eva/Niraj/All, I am working on Informatica 9.5.1 at work and interested in pursuing Informatica Developer Certifications. Can you please guide me on the following related to PowerCenter DI Developer specialist certif...
  • Disaster Recovery Environment Configuration without HA

    Hi All , Currently we have Informatica Production Environment which is already live and we are planning to have the DR set up now.   https://network.informatica.com/message/13604#13604 I am planning to have t...
    siva krishna
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  • Getting error while connection webservices with the help HTTP transformation in Powecenter 9.5.1 hotfix 1

    Getting error while connection webservices with the help HTTP transformation :[ERROR] HTTP Invoker encountered an error while invoking the HTTP. Reason: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to xyz.net:443
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  • assigning column values based on their field name

    Hi I need one help in java transformation java code , i am fetching the data from url like below http://uat1.abc.portal.risk.abc.com/dif/data/partyXref/1.0.0?attributes=ORG_ID%2CLEGAL_NAME%2CHASHCODE   i hav...
    mayur marathe
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  • Connect Active java transformation

    Hi All, I need one help , i have mapping like below   Source - SQ - JavaTx1 ( Active) - JavaTX2 (Active) - Target   I need to connect  output of one jtx to another java transformation as input but ...
    mayur marathe
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  • Replace Double datatype column with NULL value

    Hi All I have mapping in which we are getting the data from Web-service and placing data in table, mapping structure is like this   Source - SQ- Java transformation - Lookup - exp- router - 2 instances of sam...
    mayur marathe
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  • Informatica logs are cleared over weeked

    In application, Informatica logs are cleared over the weekend and we are not able to check the Friday logs on Monday. We need to modify this to have the last 5 days logs available for us. i.e Friday logs need to be av...
    Gowtham Ragunath
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  • import and export xml script

    Hi   I am new to scripting..i need script for importing and exporting of informatica workflow.
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