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This version of PowerExchange for UM includes the following enhancements:


  • Support for Ultra Messaging Streaming (UMS) and Ultra Messaging Persistence (UMP) editions of Ultra Messaging as a source and a target. This support is in addition to prior support for Ultra Messaging Queuing (UMQ) edition.
  • Ability to publish on TCP streams or topic streams using Unicast Immediate Messaging (UIM).
  • Wildcard receiver support to allow receiver to subscribe to multiple topics when using PowerExchange for UM with Ultra Messaging Streaming (UMS) as a source.

Informatica PowerExchange for Ultra Messaging - 9.5.1 - Release Notes for PowerCenter - (English)

PAM - Informatica 9.5.1 HotFix 3 - PowerExchange for MOM

Release Highlights:


  • Support for SQL Server
  • Support for CAG Version 4.6
  • Support for Data extraction from the following views introduced in CAG 4.6
    • MasterData.DomainConcepts_v;
    • MasterData.DomainsHierarchy_v;
    • MasterData.MetricsResults_v;
    • MasterData.PopulationClassification _v.
  • Support for extraction from new fields added to the existing CAG views
    • Fact.LaboratoryResult_v.LabEventText;
    • Fact. MaterialRole_v. MaterialQuantity_Value;
    • Fact. MaterialRole_v. MaterialQuantity_UnitCode;
    • Fact. MaterialRole_v. MaterialQuantity_UnitCodeSystem;
    • Fact. MaterialRole_v. MaterialQuantity_Conversion.
  • Ability to save last 10 PowerCenter sessions and last 10 PowerCenter workflows worth of log files to simplify potential troubleshooting



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