• ODBC support of database Failovers

    Hi all of you-,   Im using 961HF4 on Suse Linux. odbc.ini defines a connection to a MS-Sql Server running in a Windows-cluster environment.   Now there is a Webservice session running. It connects to the...
    Alex Hauthaler
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  • PowerCenter SE (4-7) per CPU-cores Multi-core Multi-OS Production License

    Dear Sir/Madam,   We have asked to quote for below license in production.   PowerCenter SE (4-7) per CPU-cores Multi-core Multi-OS Production License   But our production server has 4 physical CPUs...
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  • How to delete persistent values dynamically from Sessions

    Hi Team,   I want to delete the persistent values dynamically from Sessions. I know how to delete it manually but i want to know the dynamic approach for this as we cannot reset the persistent value manually in ...
    Amit Jain
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  • Uninstallation of Hotfix 9.5.1 HF1

    Hello Admins,   I have installed Hot fix 1 for Informatica powercenter 9.5.1 in my project. Now when I go to Developer client it's giving me compatibility error. SO I tried to download the Informatica powercente...
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  • Informatica Folder list

    i Want to list all the folders having permission execute for a particular group? HOw can that be achieved?
    Shantunu Bhardwaj
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  • directly upgrade from 9.1 to 10.X

    Hi folks,   We are planning an upgrade from power center 9.1 to 10.X.  Upgrade planner chat shows 2 step upgrade from 9.1 to 9.6 and then to 10.1.  Any idea if we can directly upgrade to 10.x from 9.1 ...
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  • How create Informatica mapping for rules driven by control table

    Experts,   I have typical requirement for client. Creating Informatica mapping were rules were driven by control table ?   I am explaining requirement with below scenario.   There is two table "Custo...
  • connection between sql plus (oracle) and DDM

    Hello,   I installed the Dynamic Data Masking Tool (DDM), I was able to connect to the ORCL database on port 1521. I need your help to change the SQL Plus listener port on the port 1525 or other.   I tried...
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  • Unable to make HTTP Post calls using HTTP Transformation

    Hi, We are trying to post data to an external vendor API via HTTP Post request. I am using an HTTP Transformation with HTTP Post as call type. The data is not being passed to the Vendor API and there is no acti...
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  • Disaster Recovery (DR) for PowerCenter without HA Option

    Hi,   Preparing DR plan for a PowerCenter without HA Option environment.   We have a separate DR Domain, Nodes and Application Services on the DR server. DR setup is a mirror image of our Prod environment...
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  • Automatically Syncing Repositories?

    Our setup includes a primary PROD server as well as a backup disaster recovery PROD server.  The idea is that if the primary server goes down, we can start the Informatica service on the backup server and quickly...
    David Lenz
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  • Unable to connect to the integration service from the DAC client

    I am not able to connect to the Informatica Integration service from the DAC (Oracle Data Warehouse Administration Console), error message:   No gateway conmnectivity is provided for domain.     Please ...
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  • Issue when copying a mapping from m_Map1 to m_Map2

    I'm having an issue when copying a mapping from m_Map1 to m_Map2.   Mapping --> copy as:  m_ Map2   Then I'm getting the following message:   m_Map1 was exported from Infa 9.0.1 and Import...
    Kevin Wells
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  • How to get date and hour ONLY from SESSSTARTTIME

    In an expression, I'm trying to determine how to get Date and ONLY hour from SESSSTARTTIME.   Ex:   SESSSTARTTIME = 18-JAN-2018 08:13:22 AM   I want my output date to be 18-JAN-2018 08:00:00 ...
    Kevin Wells
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  • DVO "No Results"

    I have installed DVO a few times with no issues. In our lab, I set up a very simple Oracle schema to hold the DVO repository info. I then connect to it with no issues. I then set up a Linux based 9.1 HF2 repository an...
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  • Dynamic Target Flat File Name Issue

    Hello I am generating Dynamic Target Flat File Name based on data I read from SQ.   but if there is zero record processed from SQ then the "FileName" Port isn't working and the 0 byte file has been created with ...
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  • Uninstall Power center 9 from Unix

    I would like to uninstall Informatica Power Center 9.1 from Unix env. I have discovered below steps...   Am I missing anything before I start my process?   cd $INFA_HOME ls -l - > will show Uninstalle...
    Jigar Shah
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  • Java Transformation Compile Error

    Hi, I tested a Java Webservice Invocation in a Eclipse( WID) and it worked.Now i want to add to Java Transformation so it can be invoked through Informatica. When i added the Libraries to the path , Im getting a C...
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  • JSON string

    Hi All,   I need to parse a JSON string, can i do this using INFA powecenter ? or i need to do by uisng B2B Data Transformation. Please let me know if there are any other ways to parse a JSON string using INFOR...
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  • Filter --> space and nulls

    Hi Everyone,   I am trying to fitering the nulls records, if the input row fields has nulls or spaces , need to filter out those rows.   IIF( ISNULL(INPUT_FIELD1) OR IS_SPACES(INPUT_FIELD1) AND ISNULL(INPU...
    Kareem M
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