• How to delete folders in informatica

    Hi , I am working on a CR where i need to delete some folders from Informatica 8.6. Please suggest on this and how can i test the same in testing repositories. Please help since I am very new to informatica.
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  • How to decide Informatica Repository Database Size ?

    Hi,   I will have one application folder. Folder will have total 600 workflows ( 300 Complex, 300 minor) What will be approximate Informatica Repository Database size I need ?   Thanks, Sanju
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  • Link with user defined condition is not evaluated right

    Hi, I edited workflow with 4 session (s0, s1 or s2, s3), where is necessary to spit a flow according value from variable in param file.            s1 s0-> ...
    Zuzana Patakova
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  • READER_1_1_1 RR_4035 SQL Error

    Jitu 10
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  • CMN_1022 [Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libclntsh.so.11.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libpmora8.so]]

    CMN_1022 [Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libclntsh.so.11.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libpmora8.so]]
    Kamarjahan Mohamed
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  • License usage

    All,   I have a question regarding license usage for Informatica. I have a license for 4 CPU for Informatica 9.1.0 with HF4.   I have domain of 2 nodes (Both with dual core 2 CPU=4 CPU) in my production an...
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  • Why is logError from Java Transformation no real error?

    Hello,   when working with Java transformations I add an error handling and use logError to produce errors in the SessionLogs.That works so far, but when I change the session to stop on 1 (first) error, that isn...
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  • while installing informatica m getting error "Application has Unexpectedly Quit: Invocation of this Java Application has caused an Invocation TargetException. This application will now exit (LAX)."

    my system is windows 8, 64 bit,4gb ram,i3 processor. i tried compatibality mode then also it is not working. i have latest java installed into my system but then also it is not working.
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  • Workflow monitor doesn't display all logs

    Hello,   I have 1 workflow with a daily schedule. It has the options: "Save Workflow log by": By runs; "Save workflow log for these runs": 14 All sessions from workflow have the setting to save 14 logs.   ...
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  • How to convert the XML data ?

    Hello Team,   I am getting the below XML data from the web service. I need to convert this XML data and populate in to the table. I am using XML Parser Tarsformation to convert this XML data but getting the NULL...
    Amit Jain
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  • Workflow Recovery error!

    I am getting this below error when i try to recover workflow   Recover workflow: WARNING: Recovery storage file cannot be found. Workflow previous run may have been completed. If recovery is for a concurrent ena...
    Ramakrishna N
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  • Connection Name change for entire folder

    Hi,   We have a folder and it contains ~250 worklfows and all sessions are using same source connection. The session are contains reusable mapplets and mapplets containes stored procedure.   Now,we would ...
    Ramakrishna N
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  • Performance tuning  on XML target Worlfows

    The Informatica mapping was created  to load XML(more than one XML file) targets and rhe source will process with  data is 25 million rows from more than 6 tables. It's running since 5 to 8 hrs to generates...
    Ramakrishna N
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  • Dinamically separate target in different flat files not working

    I have a table which I need to split dinamically into multiple plain text tables (tab separated).   My source has a field that I plan to use. As an example my table has the following columns: ID, CATEGORY, NAME...
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  • Informatica Admin Console Environment Variables

    Hello Team,   I have defined an environment variable in my Integration Service properties as follows.   Environment Variable Name: PMHomeDir Value: /home/gdint/wdint   I am calling that environment ...
    Amit Jain
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  • Send email with attachment

    Hello Team, My requirement is to send an email with attachment. I can use the Email Task to achieve this functionality though my requirement is little different.   I need to attach .csv file in the mail only i...
    Amit Jain
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  • Fetch Active Directory data from Informatica

    Hi Team,   I have to fetch the Active Directory data from Informatica. I know with the help of Informatica's LDAP connector we can read/write the data. However, this connector does not come along with Powercente...
    Amit Jain
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  • 9.6.1. and Analyst Tool SDK?

    Hi, Do we have a SDK to Analyst Tool in version 9.6.1? We have a request to customize the welcome screen to fit specific users.   Another request is if we can incorporate parts of Analyst Tool in Sharepoint (if...
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  • How to copy/paste objects from DEV folder to PROD folder?

    How are you copying and pasting objects from a development folder to a production folder?  For example, a session was modified and tested in a development folder and the session needs to be copied to production.&...
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  • Session log file rollover

    Hello All,   One of the new features of Informatica 9.1 is 'Session log file rollover' to limit the size of session logs for real-time sessions.   We can limit the size by time or by file size. You can als...
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