Highlights of this release:


Bug fixes for the following products:

  • Informatica Data Services
  • Informatica Data Quality
  • Informatica Data Explorer
  • Informatica Self-Service Data Integration (Data Integration Analyst Option)
  • Informatica Data Transformation
  • PowerCenter
  • Metadata Manager
  • PowerExchange


PowerExchange: Toleration Support for DB2 V10 CDC


Data Transformation: B2B Data Transformation provides a new pre-processor which supports Excel 2003/2007/2010 versions. The new pre-processor support the following Excel formats:

  • xls
  • xlsx
  • xlsm
  • Mac 2011 files


Profiling/ Informatica Data Explorer (IDE) 9.1.0 HotFix 2

  • Overlap discovery (gap filled from IDE Legacy).
  • Synchronization of metadata of Data Objects (relational/flat file) with external source (Analyst enhancement).
  • Synchronization of Profiles/Scorecards/Profile Models with any underlying changes in Data Object and Rule metadata (Analyst and Developer).
  • Exporting Profile Results from Informatica Developer to your local computer (instead of to the IDE server machine).


Data Services

  • Easily expose flat file and relational physical data objects as web services.
  • Ability to directly deploy reusable objects (data objects, transformations, and mapplets) as web services.
  • Certification of OBIEE for accessing data from published SQL data services.



  • PowerCenter is localized into Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • PowerExchange and Metadata Manager are localized into Japanese.
  • PowerCenter and PowerExchange documentation is available in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Analyst Tool is available in German, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Analyst Tool online help is available in German and French.
  • DxT is available in Spanish and Simplified Chinese.


Release notes:

Informatica 9.1.0 HotFix 2 (ENGLISH)


Informatica 9.1.0 HotFix 2 (GERMAN)


Informatica 9.1.0 HotFix 2 (FRENCH)


Informatica 9.1.0 HotFix 2 (PORTUGUESE)