Informatica 9.0.1 includes:


  • Informatica Data Services
  • Informatica Data Quality [includes Informatica Analyst]
  • Informatica Data Explorer
  • Informatica Data Explorer Advanced Edition
  • PowerCenter [Standard Edition, Real Time Edition, Advanced Edition]
  • PowerExchange [including Neoview and Netezza]
  • Metadata Manager


Following are the highlight of this release:


DI Tools and Platform

  • Platform – Theme: Production Readiness
    • Upgrade support from PowerCenter (8.1.x, 8.5.x, 8.6.x, 9.0.0)
    • I18N Support – Simultaneous release in Brazilian Portuguese
    • Additional connectivity – VSAM, IMS, SAP Table Reader – for IDS & IDQ/IDE
    • Parameterization (only for deployed objects)
    • Data source simplification
    • Metadata Reporting
    • License Compliance
  • IDS – Theme: Competitive Parity
    • Pass-through Security
    • Column-level Security
    • Unstructured Data Support (UDO)
  • PowerExchange
    • CDC Support for Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and Oracle Materialized Views
    • Performance improvements
  • Metadata Manager & Business Glossary – Ready for prime time
    • BG Change notifications through email
    • Impact Summary (fka where-used analysis)
      Lineage diagram enhancements
    • Export and import of XML files for resource configuration and content
      Command line for all relevant UI actions
    • Improved Performance, scalability, longevity


Data Quality


  • IDQ – Theme: Enterprise Scale
    • IDQ Upgrade Utility – support for migrating plans/mappings from 8.6.2 or 9.0.0 to IDQ 9.0.1
    • GAV SERP & CASS Certified (limited platform support)
    • GAV Performance improvements: Multi-threaded AV engine 
      Decision Transformation (if/then/else)
    • Object Import/Export improvements (UI based, RTM support)
    • Parameterization of Reference Tables (only for deployed objects)


  • IDE – Theme: Enterprise Scale
    • Profiling performance improvements
      • ‘Live’ Drilldown of Rules, Scorecards
      • Auto purge of profiling results
      • ‘Incremental’ Profiling
    • Profiling of SAP, VSAM and IMS sources
    • Grouping of scorecards
    • Upgrade support for profiles/scorecards from 9.0.0 to 9.01


For product availability and compatibility details view the Informatica 9 Product Availability Matrices or the Informatica 9 Product Documentation Center.