Is Informatica 9.0.1 generally available?

Informatica 9.0.1 is generally available starting June 18, 2010.

Is Informatica 9.0.1 available globally at the time of the launch?

The Informatica 9.0.1 GA release will be shipped globally in English, Brazilian and Portuguese. Localized software and documentation for other languages will be rolled out in phases.

Is documentation available?

All release notes and product documentation are available on My Support. You can also search the documentation using the Informatica Knowledge Base.


Where can I find more information?


Additional information can also be found at the Informatica 9 website,

More feature specific multimedia demos will be available soon in the Multimedia KB section of My Support.


If you have further questions not covered by this document you can post them on the Informatica 9.0.1 user forum. You can also search the Informatica knowledge base or open a service request with Informatica support.

How can I receive the Informatica 9.0.1 software install?

Open a Shipping Service Request on My Support.

Installation and Upgrade

Can I upgrade from previous versions to Informatica 9.0.1?

You can upgrade all currently supported versions of PowerCenter Editions (Standard, Advanced and Real Time Editions) including Metadata Manager, Data Analyzer, Data Quality and PowerExchange.

What is the end of life policy for PowerCenter 8.x?

The end of life for PowerCenter versions 8.1.x, 8.5.x and 8.6.x will be December 2011. Please refer to the Informatica Products EOL Notification document for further updates.

What operating systems and databases are supported by Informatica 9.0.1?

Refer to the Product Availability Matrices section of My Support for all platform compatibility details.

Are 32-bit platforms supported with Informatica 9.0.1?

Informatica 9.0.1 32-bit is available for the Windows and Linux operating systems only.

Informatica 9.0.1 64-bit is available on all operating systems including Windows and Linux.

For more details on the 32-bit support policy refer to the EOL Announcement for 32bit UNIX PowerCenter. For further assistance contact your account representative.

Will Informatica 9.0.1 follow the same (feature-based) license structure of previous versions?

Informatica 9.0.1 will continue to have features that are enabled by license. The new tools (Informatica Developer and Informatica Analyst) are licensed differently and you need to contact your account representative for more details.

Will Informatica 9.0.1 follow that same HotFix release cycle as in previous versions?

Informatica will continue to support the same release cycle including HotFixes.

New Features

What new features are there in Informatica 9.0.1?

Informatica 9.0.1 includes significant new functionality in the areas of SOA-based data services, pervasive data quality and business/IT collaboration.


The Informatica 9 microsite includes more information regarding these new functionalities,

Are there new client tools available with Informatica 9.0.1?

Informatica 9.0.1 includes the Informatica Developer and Informatica Analyst client tools. The Informatica Developer tool is eclipse-based and supports both data integration and data quality for enhanced productivity.

The Informatica Analyst tool is a browser-based tool for analysts, stewards and line of business managers. This tool supports data profiling, specifying and validating rules (Scorecards), and monitoring data quality.

Have the Informatica Services changed?

The PowerCenter Administration Console has been renamed the Informatica Administrator. The Informatica Administrator is now a core service in the Informatica Domain that is used to configure and manage all Informatica Services, Security and other domain objects (such as connections) used by the new services. The number of objects stored in the domain database has increased significantly to accommodate these new requirements.

Is the core architecture of PowerCenter 9.0.1 changed from 8.x?

The basic architecture of the core PowerCenter tools has not been changed in 9.0.1.

Can the same client tool be used to work with Data Quality and Data Explorer in version 9.0.1?

Yes, data quality and data profiling can be used in a unified manner in the Informatica Analyst as well as the Informatica Developer tool.

Is Data Quality integrated with the Informatica Administrator?

With Informatica 9.0.1 Data Quality, PowerCenter, PowerExchange and Data Services are all integrated into the Informatica Administrator.

Are mappings compatible between the Informatica Analyst tool and the Informatica Developer tool? Is it possible to import Informatica Analyst mappings into the Informatica Developer?

Yes, the mappings and rules are shared between Informatica Analyst and Informatica Developer with unified metadata underneath.

Does Informatica Developer interact with Informatica PowerCenter? Can Informatica Developer generate a mapping that can be accessed in PowerCenter Designer?

Informatica Developer will allow you to create Logical Data Objects that can be used as Data Sources in Informatica PowerCenter Designer. You can also export from the developer and import as a mapplet in the PowerCenter Designer.

What's new in PowerExchange 9.0.1?

PowerExchange 9.0.1 contains many new enhancements for the various different backend systems. Following are some of the examples:

·        PowerExchange Services can now be easily managed using the Informatica Administrator

·        PowerExchange connections (including mainframe connections such as VSAM and IMS) can also be managed from Administrator and used with the new services

·        Connection pooling





How has Reference Table Manager changed in Informatica 9.0.1?

The Reference Table Manager has an improved user interface, more sophisticated audit capabilities, integration with Data Quality dictionaries and support for name and location parameterization.

Are the PowerCenter client tools web based in Informatica 9.0.1?

The PowerCenter 9.0.1 Designer, Repository Manager and Workflow Manager continue to be a thick client tools.

Can web services be used for real time dashboarding?

The data services capabilities in Informatica 9.0.1, both over SQL and web services, can be used for real time dashboarding.

Does Informatica 9.0.1 comply with the ISO 27001:2005 security standard?

Informatica 9.0.1 supports security at both the Data Services level, and at the underlying application and database levels.
However, Informatica 9.0.1 is not certified with any ISO standards at this point.