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Informatica 9.6.1

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Informatica 9.6.1 includes the following new capabilities :


Connectivity (Power Center)

Wider coverage

  • New versions of Peoplesoft, Oracle E-business, MSFT Dynamics, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SAP NW


  • Improved performance for MongoDB read (1.7x) and write (6x)
  • SAP ABAP table reader compressed data transfer (7x)
  • Improved SAP BCI performance using staging table partitioning

Expanded functionality

  • Parameterization of schema names for Netezza
  • Expanded read/write support for MongoDB arrays


Wider coverage

  • New versions support: Oracle 12c, DB2 10.5, Sybase IQ 16
  • Read/write support for Pivotal HAWQ
  • DataSift support for historical Twitter data
  • Hive Server 2 support


  • Native source pushdown for Teradata
  • Improved performance for MongoDB read/write (1.7x/6x)
  • Hadoop to Teradata load improvements using TD Connector for Hadoop (8x)
  • Improved loading speeds with bulk loader support for GreenPlum (190x!)
  • Performance improvements for XML/JSON read/write (19x)

Expanded functionality

  • Stored procedure support for Sybase
  • Support for extracting information from LinkedIn groups

Informatica Connector Toolkit

  • Test-bed for rapid testing and validation of new connectors
  • New videos, tutorials, guides to jump start connector development

Metadata Manager new source support

  • SAP BOBJ XI R4.1 & Microstrategy 9.4.1


Kerberos SSO and TFA

  • All Informatica clients now support windows-based single-sign-on and two factor authentication via Kerberos

SSL encryption

  • SSL encryption on all communications between Informatica clients and Informatica platform services

OWASP verifications

  • Verification of web-based vulnerabilities for web-clients
  • Formal verification reports available

Built-in security audit reports for Administrators

Metadata Manager repository encryption support


Big Data Edition

Hadoop Distributions

  • Added support for Pivotal (1.1)
  • Support for new versions: HW 2.0, MapR 3.1, Cloudera 5.0


  • DB2 partition reading in Hadoop push down mode
  • Improved Hbase reader (11x) and complex file reader/writers


  • User-level Kerberos support for Cloudera

New formats and data types

  • Native Avro file-format support
  • High-precision and Decimal datatype support
  • Hive Server 2 read support for HW and Cloudera

Trial Versions

  • BDE trial edition VM now available for Cloudera 5.0

Usability – Business Glossary

Asset relationship diagram

  • Graph view of relationships among various glossary assets at different levels

Business Initiative concept

  • Assign glossary assets to a business initiative
  • Bulk approve and publish assets for a business initiative

Usability - Profiling

Cost of bad data

  • Assign monetary value to data quality issues and understand ROI of data quality initiatives

Usability Enhancements – Rule Builder

Rule Builder enhancements

  • Faster inline editing for simple conditions/actions
  • Persist test data for future rule test/changes
  • Test rule sets individually with in a rule specification

Usability Enhancements – AV and Matching

Global Data Quality support expansion

  • Integration with latest Address Doctor engine v 5.5
  • New address data enrichments (Brazil IBGE, Germany AGS code etc..)
  • Taiwan address support added

Address Validation

  • Retrieve address using address codes
  • Validate single line free from address

‘Probabilistic’ Editor

  • Revamped interface with color-coded labeling - simpler and quicker model training to enable data value recognition

Usability – Hybrid IT

Common Administrator view

  • Use Administrator to view connections and secure agents used in Informatica Cloud


Platform Support

Please refer to the Platform Availability Matrix (PAM) at


Release Notes

PowerCenter Release notes:

PowerExchange Adapters for Informatica:

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