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Informatica 9.6.1 HotFix 3 includes the following capabilities :



  • Oracle JDK 1.7_u75 and Tomcat 7.0.61 are certified
  • PowerCenter Big Data Edition is certified on Azure Linux


  • PowerExchange for Amazon S3, Amazon Dynamo DB and Azure Data Warehouse
  • Microsoft Azure certification for PowerCenter SE and Data Quality SE
  • Amazon EC2 certification for PowerCenter PE (PMPC and DVO)

PWX for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.6.1HF3:

  • PAM addition:  Dynamics CRM 2015 (AD, IFD & Online)

PowerExchange for Teradata:

  • Support for newer version(1.3.4) of Teradata Connector for Hadoop(TDCH) on IDS/IDQ platform
  • Support for multiple timestamps with fastexport Teradata connection on PowerCenter

PowerExchange for Greenplum:

  • Support for new parameter MAX_LINE_LENGTH on PowerCenter


Data Quality

  Address Validation

     Integrated with latest Address Doctor engine v 5.7

  • Added NIS code for Belgium
  • Added FIAS_ID for Russia
  • Added UPRN for UK
  • Added Multi-language support for Switzerland

Business Glossary

Cross Glossary Relationships

  • Ability to link terms in one glossary to another term in a different glossary

Ability to delete “first” revision of the draft assets

Ability to create hyperlinks in BG asset fields

Simplification of glossary template and import process

  • BG export file/template is simplification
  • Import process simplification during 9.5.1 to 9.6.1 upgrade

Metadata Manager

       Support for extraction of metadata from resource revision support

    • ERWin 9.5
    • Informix 12.x (Windows 32-bit)
    • Cloudera Navigator/CDH 2.3/5.4

       Cloudera Navigator enhancements

    • Incremental load & support for filtering while load


B2B Data Transformation

  • New Feature
  • XmlToXlsx pre-processor support for generating Excel based on templates and style references

      Critical EBFs

  • XML validation issue when using base restriction decimal and fractionDigits and totalDigits xsd restrictions is fixed (EBF15270)
  • PdfFormToXml_1_00 pre-processor misses data from PDF form issue is fixed (EBF14998)
  • PWC Unstructured Data Transformation with additional output ports crash after upgrade from 910 to 961 issues is fixed (EBF15452)


     PowerExchange now includes support for the following

  • DB2UDB (LUW) 10.5

Improved or Extended functionality

  • CDC support for SQL-Server databases that use TDE
  • Enhanced LUW security options delivered in HF2 extended to additional LUW platforms


This release contains important fixes.


Informatica - 9.6.1 HotFix 3 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange Adapters for Informatica - 9.6.1 HotFix 3 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange Adapters for PowerCenter - 9.6.1 HotFix 3 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange - 9.6.1 HotFix 3 - Release Notes - (English)

You can find all the Informatica 9.6.1 Hotfix 3 PAMs from here.

You can download the Hotfixes from here.

Platform Availability

KVM (Redhat) hypervisor support

  • 64-bit Windows and Linux support
  • Enables additional cloud virtualization deployment options for customers

Hadoop Platform Availability

  • Cloudera CDH 5.2 and CDH 5.3 support
  • IBM Big Insights 3.0.x
  • Horton Works HDP 2.2 support
  • Pivotal 2.1 support

Big Data Edition

ETL OffLoading Features

  • Hive Timestamp and Data Datatype support
  • Parallel sorting in Hadoop execution environment
  • Binary functions in transformations such as Expression
  • Binary Datatype in Hive sources and targets

Performance Enhancements

  • High Precision Decimal enhancements in Hadoop mode
  • Staging table compression support
  • Data Transformation performance tuning

PowerExchange for Teradata:

  • Support for Teradata array insert (Applicable only to PC)
  • Support for newer version of TDCH (Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)


PowerExchange for Vertica:

  • Support of read and write with Vertica DB using relational (ODBC) interface (Applicable only to PC)
  • Support for newer version of Vertica (7.1) (Applicable only to PC)

PowerExchange for Hive:

  • Support for timestamp datatype in Hive source or target (Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)
  • Support for binary datatype in Hive in native mode of execution (Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)
  • Support for various databases to serve as metastore for Hive (Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)

PowerExchange for MongoDB:

  • MongoDB: Nested Data Support through Virtual Tables – NOSQL (Applicable for both PC and IDS/IDQ)

PowerExchange for Cassandra:

  • Cassandra: Writes at different Consistency Levels - NOSQL (Applicable for both PC and IDS/IDQ)

PowerExchange for Relational

  • Oracle 12c In Memory Support – Relational Adapters (Applicable for both PC and IDS/IDQ)
  • Datetime2 support for SQL Server – Relational Adapters (Applicable for IDS/IDQ . Feature was already available in PC)

PowerExchange for Salesforce:

  • Support for SFDC API Version 31 (Applicable for IDS/IDQ)
  • Support for CDC data extraction from SFDC sources (Applicable for IDS/IDQ)
  • Support for Native and Platform Filter Pushdown (Applicable for IDS/IDQ)
  • Multi-version SFDC API support (Applicable for IDS/IDQ)

PowerExchange for DataSift:

  • Connection Retry (Applicable only for IDS/IDQ)
  • Resume & Retrieve the data left in Datasift’s historic buffer (Applicable only for IDS/IDQ)
  • Pause functionality (Applicable only for IDS/IDQ)

PowerExchange for Linkedin:

  • Support for HTTPS connectivity to Linkedin (Applicable only for IDS/IDQ)

PowerExchange for Facebook:

  • Upgrade of Facebook Graph API to V2 (Applicable only for IDS/IDQ)

PowerExchange for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • ADFS+ Online authentication (Applicable only for PC)
  • Support WinOpportunityRequest Objects (Applicable only for PC)

PowerExchange for MSMQ:

  • Applicable only for PC
  • PAM addition for Win2012R2 /MSMQ 6.3

PowerExchange for SAP:

  • Applicable only for PC
  • PAM - ECC6.0 EHP7 support
  • Additional bug fixes

Analyst Tool Enhancements

Human name display and tooltip information

  • Provides the ability to see the user’s name and contact information instead of user id.
  • “Robert Smith” rather than “smirobe3794”

HIVE and HDFS Connection Configuration

  • Ability to create HIVE and HDFS connections via the Analyst Tool
  • Provides Analysts with the power to connect to more types of data, including Big Data sources

Big Data Profiling in Analyst Tool

  • Ability to profile HIVE and HDFS sources directly from Analyst Tool with minimal or no support from IT
  • Profiles can be executed directly on Hadoop cluster

Data Quality Enhancements

AddressDoctor Version 5.6 Engine integration

  • New output formatting options for Australia and New Zealand
  • Enhanced support for Ban information and Gaiku codes in Japan
  • Support for address lookup in Japan using Choumei Aza codes and Gaiku codes
  • Support for IRIS codes in France
  • Support for Address Key codes in the United Kingdom

Informatica Data Quality Out of the Box Content (Core Accelerator)

  • Updated reference data sets for rules
  • Empty reference tables removed

Business Glossary Enhancements

LDAP Authentication during BG Desktop installation

  • Primary Use Case: Accept LDAP credentials during BG Desktop installation
  • Benefit to customer: Customers can perform scripted BG Desktop installation in LDAP environment

Alerting the user while creating asset with the same name in glossary

  • Primary Use case: Warning the user about the duplicate assets already existing in glossary
  • Benefit to customer: Makes users aware of duplicate assets within the glossary while creating assets with the same name

Metadata Manager Enhancements

X-Connect for Microsoft System Server Integration Service (SSIS)

  • Primary use case: Extract metadata from SSIS ETL source
  • Benefit for Customer: Ability to see the packages under SSIS in Metadata Manager catalog and view lineage

X-Connect for Cloudera Navigator

  • Primary use case: Extract metadata from big data sources
  • Benefit for Customer: Ability to see the underlying HDFS and Hive sources in Metadata Manager catalog and view lineage

Cloud Computing - Amazon EC2

New Certifications Available

  • PowerCenter Advanced Edition
  • Data Quality Advanced Edition

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

  • Available on Amazon Marketplace
  • PowerCenter Standard Edition

Amazon EC2 support for Informatica Big Data Edition

  • Certification of BDE on EC2
  • Support for Cloudera and Horton Works Hadoop clusters in EC2

B2B Data Transformation

  • XMap with variables as source and/or target
  • New Validation Rules Object
  • Parquet read/write
  • RunMapplet action (calling Mapplet from DT)
  • H2R Performance Optimization

PowerExchange  MF & CDC (PowerExchange Classic)

      PowerExchange now includes support for the following

  • I5/OS 7.2
  • Oracle 12c support for Oracle Express CDC (Toleration)
  • Oracle TDE support

Improved or Extended functionality for

  • Enhanced security available to LUW platforms
  • New configurable “timeout” feature for the PowerExchange Navigator enabling a connection to the
  • PowerExchange Listener to be terminated whilst in “row-test” mode
  • PowerExchange Listener on i5/OS
    • Monitoring & Reporting features now available

Data Services

  • Certification for Cognos Version 10.2


Informatica - 9.6.1 HotFix 2 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange - 9.6.1 HotFix 2 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange Adapters for Informatica - 9.6.1 HotFix 2 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange Adapters for PowerCenter - 9.6.1 HotFix 2 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange for Salesforce Analytics - 9.6.1 HotFix 2 - Release Notes for PowerCenter - (English)


You can download the Hotfixes from here and PAMs from here.

Big Data Edition


  • Hadoop Distributions
    • Support for new versions: HW 2.1.x, MapR 3.1, Cloudera 5.1,Pivotal 1.1
    • Performance
    • Performance Enhancement in file parsing.
    • DB2 partitioning performance enhancement.
  • Security
    • Improved Kerberos support for Cloudera & Hortonworks.
  • Enhancement in Data warehousing Use case
    • Binary Datatype support for hadoop push down.
    • Improved Hive partition Support with Truncate partition option.
  • Hadoop Ecosystem update
    • Improvement on Kerberos Support.
    • Support of Namenode & Resource Manager HA
    • Cloudera Manager Integration.
    • Support of Fair & Capacity scheduler
  • Trial Versions
    • Big Data Trial Standbox for Hortonworks 2.1.3.


  • Ability to migrate all privileges, permissions, roles and groups from a native user to an LDAP user. Helps in rapid Kerberos adoption where native users are disabled.


PowerExchange  MF & CDC (PowerExchange Classic) for 9.6.1 HF1


PowerExchange now includes support for the following

  • CICS/TS 5.2
  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2014

Improved or Extended functionality for

  • PowerExchange Listener on UNIX & LINUX
    • Monitoring & Reporting features introduced for PowerExchange Listeners running on z-Series & Windows platforms in V9.6.0 has now been extended to include PowerExchange Listeners running on UNIX & LINUX platforms
  • Batch Metadata Import Utility (Createdatamaps)
    • Enhanced support around COBOL Copybook processing for VSAM & IMS data


Metadata Manager:


  • New Browser support – Internet Explorer 11.0 and Google Chrome 35
  • New Database versions - Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and Oracle Exadata  11g
  • Security enhancements to prevent displaying JDBC parameters while creating PowerCenter resource


Business Glossary

  • Export of relationship view diagram
  • Support for multi valued attributes display in Business Glossary Desktop


Probabilistic model editor:

  • UI
    • Search can now process wildcard characters
    • User can view number of times a label has been applied in the dataset
  • NER engine:
    • Upgraded Stanford NER engine from v1.2.6 to v3.4

Rule Specification:

  • New functional capabilities:
    • Get current date/time
    • Compare input date/time against current date/time
    • Convert a string containing date and time values to Date/time data type
    • Replace a reference table match with a custom string


Address Validator Transformation:

  • Two new output ports
    • Input data (xml)
    • Result data (xml)
  • Two new outputs in Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) Report for Canada addresses
    • Processing Date
    • CPC address data file date

Content Management Service:

  • On creation of a new CMS service, the following settings will be set to “ALL” by default
    • No Pre-Load countries
    • No Pre-Load Geocoding countries
    • No Pre-Load Suggestion List countries
    • No Pre-Load Address Code countries


PowerExchange for Relational Databases

  • Oracle 12c Multi-Tenancy: Certification for Multi-Tenant Sources and Targets (Applicable both for PC and IDS/IDQ)
  • DB2 BLU: Certification for in-memory BLU Acceleration from DB2 (Applicable both for PC and IDS/IDQ)
  • New PAM - SQL Server 2014: Added support for SQL Server 2014 (Applicable both for PC and IDS/IDQ)


PowerExchange for Hive

  • Hive Server 2 support: Support for read from Hive Server 2 on Cloudera, HortonWorks and MapR Hadoop distributions
  • Binary data type support: Support only in Hadoop mode of execution


PowerExchange for Data Warehouse


PowerExchange for Vertica (New Product: Applicable only to PC)

  • Native connectivity to only bulk load data to Vertica
  • Support for Vertica 7.0.x


PowerExchange for Netezza (New Product: Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)

  • Support for Netezza ODBC certification for read and write
  • Support for Netezza native functions in ODBC PDO


PowerExchange for Greenplum

  • GPDB ODBC certification and ODBC SSL support (Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)
  • GPDB native interface SSL support (Applicable both for PC and IDS/IDQ)
  • GPDB 4.3 certification (Applicable both for PC and IDS/IDQ)
  • Certification for connectivity to HAWQ using DataDirect Greenplum ODBC driver (for read and write) and gpload (for bulk write). This certification covers both native and Hadoop mode of execution. (Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)


PowerExchange for NOSQL Databases

  • PowerExchange for Cassandra (New Product: Applicable both for PC and IDS/IDQ)
    • ODBC connectivity to Cassandra for loading and extracting data
    • Support for CQL 3.0
    • Support for Collections: Sets, Lists and Maps through normalized Virtual Tables
    • Support for failover to secondary hosts


PowerExchange for Applications

  • PowerExchange for Tableau (New Product: Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)
    • Ability to generate TDE file and write to disk
    • In order to procure a PWX Tableau license, please contact PM (Venkat Lakshminarasimha) with details of customer and use case.
  • PowerExchange for 9.6.1HF1 (New Product: Applicable only to IDS/IDQ)
    • New native reader and writer (converged with the Informatica Cloud Salesforce connector)
    • Bulk reader and bulk writer
    • Read deleted and archived records
    • SFDC API v30 support
    • Deprecated older PWX for SFDC reader(i.e. PWX for 9.6.1 and prior versions)
  • PowerExchange for ODBC (Applicable only to PC. Certified from 9.6.1 onwards.)
    • SAP HANA on cloud (Amazon EC2) is now supported and certified by SAP ICC
  • PowerExchange for SAP (Applicable only to PC. Certified from 9.6.1 onwards )
    • Supported SAP BW Infoproviders objects are published - article288308
  • PAM additions in 9.6.1HF1
    • WebMethods 9.5
    • o IBM WebSphere MQ 8.0


  • Mapping pruning optimization
  • Support for Business Objects 4.0 and 4.1
  • Support for DG4ODBC


AWS certification:

  • Support for PowerCenter Standard Edition & Data Quality Standard Edition
  • Support for Scaling options – Grid, High Availability, Pushdown Optimization, Partitioning
  • Support for PowerCenter connectivity to RDS
  • Support for PowerCenter Domain & Repository in RDS for Oracle and SQL Server database


PAM additions in 9.6.1HF1

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 ( New Domain OS )
  • AWS certification ( First Public Cloud Certification)
  • Tomcat 7.0.55 ( Update )
  • Oracle JDK 1.7.0_55 ( Update )
  • Internet Explorer 11 support  ( New )
  • Safari 7 for Mac Support ( Limited to demos for MM/BG, fully supported in V10


Informatica 9.6.1 Hotfix 1 PAM

Informatica - 9.6.1 HotFix 1 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange Adapters for Informatica - 9.6.1 HotFix 1 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange Adapters for PowerCenter - 9.6.1 HotFix 1 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica PowerExchange - 9.6.1 HotFix 1 - Release Notes - (English)


Click here to download the Hotfixes and other downloads.

Informatica 9.6.1 includes the following new capabilities :


Connectivity (Power Center)

Wider coverage

  • New versions of Peoplesoft, Oracle E-business, MSFT Dynamics, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SAP NW


  • Improved performance for MongoDB read (1.7x) and write (6x)
  • SAP ABAP table reader compressed data transfer (7x)
  • Improved SAP BCI performance using staging table partitioning

Expanded functionality

  • Parameterization of schema names for Netezza
  • Expanded read/write support for MongoDB arrays


Wider coverage

  • New versions support: Oracle 12c, DB2 10.5, Sybase IQ 16
  • Read/write support for Pivotal HAWQ
  • DataSift support for historical Twitter data
  • Hive Server 2 support


  • Native source pushdown for Teradata
  • Improved performance for MongoDB read/write (1.7x/6x)
  • Hadoop to Teradata load improvements using TD Connector for Hadoop (8x)
  • Improved loading speeds with bulk loader support for GreenPlum (190x!)
  • Performance improvements for XML/JSON read/write (19x)

Expanded functionality

  • Stored procedure support for Sybase
  • Support for extracting information from LinkedIn groups

Informatica Connector Toolkit

  • Test-bed for rapid testing and validation of new connectors
  • New videos, tutorials, guides to jump start connector development

Metadata Manager new source support

  • SAP BOBJ XI R4.1 & Microstrategy 9.4.1


Kerberos SSO and TFA

  • All Informatica clients now support windows-based single-sign-on and two factor authentication via Kerberos

SSL encryption

  • SSL encryption on all communications between Informatica clients and Informatica platform services

OWASP verifications

  • Verification of web-based vulnerabilities for web-clients
  • Formal verification reports available

Built-in security audit reports for Administrators

Metadata Manager repository encryption support


Big Data Edition

Hadoop Distributions

  • Added support for Pivotal (1.1)
  • Support for new versions: HW 2.0, MapR 3.1, Cloudera 5.0


  • DB2 partition reading in Hadoop push down mode
  • Improved Hbase reader (11x) and complex file reader/writers


  • User-level Kerberos support for Cloudera

New formats and data types

  • Native Avro file-format support
  • High-precision and Decimal datatype support
  • Hive Server 2 read support for HW and Cloudera

Trial Versions

  • BDE trial edition VM now available for Cloudera 5.0

Usability – Business Glossary

Asset relationship diagram

  • Graph view of relationships among various glossary assets at different levels

Business Initiative concept

  • Assign glossary assets to a business initiative
  • Bulk approve and publish assets for a business initiative

Usability - Profiling

Cost of bad data

  • Assign monetary value to data quality issues and understand ROI of data quality initiatives

Usability Enhancements – Rule Builder

Rule Builder enhancements

  • Faster inline editing for simple conditions/actions
  • Persist test data for future rule test/changes
  • Test rule sets individually with in a rule specification

Usability Enhancements – AV and Matching

Global Data Quality support expansion

  • Integration with latest Address Doctor engine v 5.5
  • New address data enrichments (Brazil IBGE, Germany AGS code etc..)
  • Taiwan address support added

Address Validation

  • Retrieve address using address codes
  • Validate single line free from address

‘Probabilistic’ Editor

  • Revamped interface with color-coded labeling - simpler and quicker model training to enable data value recognition

Usability – Hybrid IT

Common Administrator view

  • Use Administrator to view connections and secure agents used in Informatica Cloud


Platform Support

Please refer to the Platform Availability Matrix (PAM) at


Release Notes

PowerCenter Release notes:

PowerExchange Adapters for Informatica:

PowerExchange Adapters for PowerCenter: