• Task handler user exit not working

    Hello guys,   I am new to MDM and I am currently facing issue while writing Task handler user exit for cancel task event. Please share any information if you have about this. We are using Informatica 9.7v.Earli...
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  • Execute workflows from other Platforms

    Hi.   I need to execute a workflow from a platform other than Informatica Power Center Workflow Manager and UNIX PMCMD command.   Can anyone please suggest option for doing the same.   Thanks, Aksha...
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  • in IDD when click on Xref view how to arrange them in order.

    Hi In IDD when we click on xref view, need ot show the cross reference records by arranging them in the given order. IS there any  setting that can be done ?   Regards, Padmavathi
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  • Informatica developer - when am trying to create a connection, i get message - Verify whether you have the required privileges to create a connection in the following domain: <domainname>

    How do I resolve this please ?
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  • HDFS Connection Error HDFS 66007 (connections Tests successfully)

    With a HDFS test workflow (file to HDFS), it is failing in POWERCENTER with a HDFS_66007 Unable to establish a HDFS connection error (in developer I get a successful connection teste using the same name node) I only ...
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  • JDBC TNS Error Creating Repository connection

    Hi I have a question which should be easy - cant believe I havent figured it out yet   Installed 9.6.1 PC on Linux (6.5) Installed Oracle SQL Plus Client (version 12 and had to rename a library but seems ok) O...
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  • can i have the key points of informatica powercenter upgrade from 9.1 to 9.6 ?

    Can  I know the funda menatla differences between informatica powercenter 9.1 and 9.6 and how can we upgrdae the same?
  • Upgrade Powercenter from 9.0.1 to 9.6.1

    This will be our first upgrade since we installed Powercenter.  I am looking for any insight you might have into the upgrade process and things our application developers should be looking for and testing as they...
    Mike Kaufman
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  • can we install both powercenter 9.1 and 9.6 on single OS(Unix)

    Hi,   can we install both powercenter 9.1 and 9.6 on single OS (unix) so that we can access both version of powercenter.   Let meknow the views on this.   Thanks, Satyajit Rout
  • Workflow shows succeeded in IS  but doesn't let run, schedule the workflow.

    Hi All,   One of the workflow is in succeeded status in Integration Service when you pull the last run.   But when you try to Run the workflow or, schedule the workflow it throw error that the the job is r...
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  • 9.6.1 Hotfix 2 Client Side by Side?

    We are running 9.6.0 in 3 environments; dev, test, and prod.   I want to upgrade in this order, test, dev, prod. After I upgrade each environment I want to let it run for a few days to make sure there are no iss...
    Gerald MacDonald
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  • Workflow Monitor and workflow creator

    Hi All,   I have installed power center express 9.6.1. But how should we create and run the workflows? any idea? Am I missing something?   Any inputs are appreciated.   Thanks
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  • Unable to open Powercentre Express

    Hi All,   I am unable to open DV after a upgrade on server. I am getting this error. Please give inputs if anyone has faced same error.   locking is not possible in the directory. "C:\Informatica\PCExpre...
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  • Recommended network bandwidth betweem INFA Repository DB and Application Server

    Dear all,   I open this discussion in order to ask what is the recommended (or minimum) network bandwidth speed betweem INFA Repository DB and Application Server.   Best regards, Aristoula
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  • connections for PWX_DB2I5OS

    Hi,     i encountered a problems when using PWX_DB2I5OS Connections.  the error log on the below:   Severity: ERROR Timestamp: 4/6/2015 8:11:26 PM Node: node01_DEVPRGBIS-IFA01 Thread: READER_1_1_...
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  • [ERROR] Plug-in failed to load Teradata Parallel Transporter API Library

    Hi All,   I am trying to use Informatica's TPT Fastload plug in when loading to an empty table in Teradata.   However, I encountered these errors in the log:   TPTWR_35132 [ERROR] Plug-in failed to lo...
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  • Big Data Trial Sandbox For Cloudera setup in local machine

    After successful installation and all services being up i am not able to connect to domain through developer tool. Seems VM is network is disabled and i do not have any access to modify any of the network settings in ...
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  • SAP Business Onject DataServices Mapping import in to Informatica Metadata Manager for data lineage

    Hi,   We are using SAP BODS as ETL tool and we would like to import BODS in to Informatica MM for data lineage,. IN Resource we are not finding BODS as an integration platform. How would we import the mappings i...
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  • Exiting mapping without abort signal

    We have several repository directories, and shortcuts to mappings. We would like to create 2 workflows which control different aspects of the load, however they share some mappings which are the same.   I would...
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  • TDM - Job failing while doing shuffle masking with source & target as File

    Hi We are working on TDM9.6. We have got source as File and Target as FILE and doing IN-Stream masking.   Whild doing shuffle masking , the job is getting failed .   Attaching log file for your reference ...
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