• Failover in multinode domain

    Hi Gurus,   I had a question regarding Informatica admin console access in multi node domain environment . We access the admin console using IP address  which is the IP of the node which host the domain, i...
    Akki S
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  • How to Create dynamic param file using CSV file as source

    Hi,   I have a requirement to read  ID's from CSV file and generate an IN clause out of it and use that in my SQL where condition   For example:   CSV file: just one column ID abc xyz lmn...
    ranjitha DB
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  • Mass ingestion error

    Hi,   when i try to run a mass ingestion job where source is my oracle db and target is CDP hive connection. i get the below error message. would really appreciate if i can get a solution to this error message....
    Kamarjahan Mohamed
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  • Mass Ingestion issue

    I'am trying to do Mass ingestion of two tables from idq to DQR datahubin cloud connection.   My source connection is oracle database and target connection is HIVE. when I try to deploy the job i get the below e...
  • count of records from DB table

    Hi   my requirement is to populate the records from a table to flat file and then at the end of file need to attach a footer that would have one field as fixed value and other field should be no of records in t...
    geetika sihag
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  • Netezza database move to cloud Azure SQL sever  but Informatica data quality 10.1.hotfix 2 not .

    Hi ,   My database will be move on Netezza to Azure sql sever .currently I am using Informatica data quality 10.1.hotfix 2 and it will is not moving on cloud.   Could you please let me know, How will I con...
    Amrit Kumar
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  • Informatica 10.4.1 and Apache Tomcat

    Hey All,   Need feedback from experts. We have Informatica 10.4.1 recently upgraded. Running on Linux 7. There is Oracle database 19C behind. The version of Apache Tomcat, and  has been flagged a...
    Nigatu Alemu
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  • How to parametrise expression transformation columns

    Hi Folks,   I have a requirement where i do want to parametrise the expression transformation columns with day-15 and day-1 date.   For Ex:-   Expression Transformation ColumnName   &...
    Aman Gupta
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  • Finding Missing Dates Between range of dates

    Hello Folks,   I need a help , my requirement is to find the missing dates between the Range of dates for e.g   Created_dt 2020/09/11 2020/09/10 2020/09/08 2020/09/07 2020/09/05   So if my date ...
    Priya Seth
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  • How to Update the salesforce target with multiple external Id in Informatica

    Hi,   I have a scenario where I have to update the salesforce object . Suppose, we have 3 External Id fields-A,B,C. Then how Informatica would know on which Id, it has to update the record as I have defined thre...
    swati ojha
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  • siperian-api.jar unable to find castor.XML.getResolver method

    I have a simple maven project to do some SIF calls with MDM hub, and added siperian and castor dependencies for this. <dependency> <groupId>informatica</groupId> <artifactId>siperian-api</ar...
    Apuroopa K
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  • Informatica repository redundancies

    Hello All ,   We are planning to migrate the Informatica application to ADF . for that we need the current details like how many redundancies are there in the workflows /Mapping /Session etc in all the folders ...
    mayur marathe
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  • empty file getting generated in informatica developer

    Hi All,   I'am facing this strange behavior in Informatica developer 10.2.0. I have a mapping that has a filter before the FFDS target with filter condition " OUT="NO" ". So, my code was expected to write the ...
    Aravind G
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  • Configure GIT in New MRS

    Hi,     Am trying to enable GIT versioning control system in Infa PWC 10.2.0,  Model Repository service for versioning concept. But while configuring New MRS i can see only Perforce and SVN under HOST ...
    Gobi V
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  • Interview question

    Hi All ,   Question :Suppose Source have 1 billions of  records and after loading 50K records session got failed and when re-run the job it throwing Unique constraint error .How to solve ? My answer : It's...
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  • schedule workflow daily and each task one by one day

    i want to schedule my workflow(wf_abc) with 2,5,10 or any number n sessions present. lets take 5 s1,s2,s3,s4,s5 requirement in that i want my workflow(wf_abc) daily but one task one day i.e today s1 then on next day ...
    shashank mishra
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  • Different methods to create a ODBC String

    Hello All,   We have a legacy workflow which needs a change now, and when trying to identify which host the Connection String points to, we are unable to find the declaration of 'CONNECT STRING'. It is a relatio...
    Jeya Rangaraju
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  • Setting Dependencies between workflow

    Hello All,   We have 7 different workflows, each with 4 to 6 sessions which are all triggered manually after the successful completion of each workflow. We need to set the dependency in such a way that wf2 start...
    Jeya Rangaraju
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  • Join multiple tables

    Hi, I would like to join around 10 tables and write to the targeted table.   I'm using Joiner transformation, I need to create 9 joiners in order to achieve it. I would like to ask the experts here, any other o...
    Christine Choy
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  • Unconnected Lookup with condition

    I have a lookup table (lkp_general) and a customer table (customer).   In the customer table consists of columns: - CustID - Name - Gender - Country - Race - Occupation   While lkp_general consists o...
    Christine Choy
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