• Developer 10.2.0 load ADLS Target

    Hi,   We are using Developer 10.2.0 version and trying to a load ADLS filesystem target.   We had created a new ADLS connection via Developer tool Preferences under File System category (not Enterprise A...
    Ashok KJ
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  • How to create ready only file using informatica

    Hello Experts,   I have a requirement to create non editable file(Ready only) target file to send to downstream application.   Please let me know the solution/approaches.   Thanks Vinay
    vinay prasanna
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  • SQL Transformation - Script Mode

    I'm wanting to see if it's possible to implement a mapping / workflow that would run a query, via a SQL Transformation - Script Mode, and spool out a dat file from the results of the query.   The query would...
    Kevin Wells
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  • Issue in logging into Model Repo via informatica developer

    Hi All,   When i try to login to model repo via informatica developer i am keep on getting the login window without any error .its just not letting me in ,any wrong credential are resulting in error .while looki...
    sunil kumar panda
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  • Informatica 10.1 connection to KDB datbase

    Hi Experts,   I have a requirement to connect to KDB database (https://kx.com/) from informatica 10.1   Please let me know is the connectivity possible?   Thanks in Advance puttu
    vinay prasanna
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  • Informatica 10.1.1 HF2 windows client bug | Client crash when trying to add a new parameter or variable to an existing mapping

    Client crash when trying to add a new parameter or variable to an existing mapping
    prakyath pai
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  • Upgrade from 9.1.0 to 10 version

    Hi Team, We have a requirement to updgrade Informatica ETL tool from the current version 9.1.0 to new version 10. Also currently we are using Solaris (Unix) platform for running the Informatica services (or Workfl...
    Vasanth Kumar
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  • WebServices Consumer Transformation is not working for SOAP API

    Hello All,   We are very novice when it comes to Webservice transformation in Informatica (v 10.2 HF1). Please note we do not use Informatica Cloud. We have received the WSDL from the relevant team and we have ...
    Andolina Datta
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  • How to load empty strings from SQL Server to Oracle in Informatica Power Center

    Hello,   How can i load empty strings from SQL to Oracle? We have description of an item that is split into 8 different fields and some fields have empty strings. While loading, it gets converted to NULL in Orac...
    Arun Kumar
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  • Informatic command utility Required

    Hi Team,   We need Informatica command utility to be installed on jenkins server . I could not find Informatica command utility on internet . I want it for my project. Can i get it from Informatica team to insta...
    Rashmi Kakkar
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  • Get error message with date field in Informatica when the workflow is run

    I am getting the following error when I try to link a date field from Source Qualifier to Target table in Informatica: ERROR 7/19/2019 9:05:26 AM node01_dev WRITER_1_*_1 WRT_8229 Database errors occurred: FnName: Exec...
    Quan Tran
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  • Assistance needed for filter expression for my select query

    Hi - joined the communities forum recently - new to informatica platform and have a question:   How can I write this SELECT statement using a filter expression transformation:     select case when wher...
    Waqas Rafique
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  • Dataprocessor - B2B - Parser to XML

    HI Everyone,   In Flatfile to XML, i face a situation where target filed/element is defined as xs:decimal and upon mapping  one of the input column from flatfile to this field in XML the trailing zeros are ...
    Rajesh Mohanakrishnan
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  • Netezza database move to cloud Azure SQL sever  but Informatica data quality 10.1.hotfix 2 not .

    Hi ,   My database will be move on Netezza to Azure sql sever .currently I am using Informatica data quality 10.1.hotfix 2 and it will is not moving on cloud.   Could you please let me know, How will I con...
    Amrit Kumar
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  • Joiner must have exactly two inputs.

    I get the following message when I try to validate the mapping (see Warning attached):   ...Joiner jnr_Normal_jnr_Master_ZC_OR_Delay_Reason must have exactly two inputs.   WARNING: Joiner transformation jn...
    Quan Tran
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  • Getting error while creating new project in Informatica TDM

    Hello,   We recently had done a fresh installation and configuration of Informatica TDM 10.2.0.   We are getting error   "[Fetching project] [ERROR] [[JPA_0006] Internal error. An error occurred whi...
    Prabhuraj Kuppan
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  • PowerExchange Uninstaller Error

    Hi! I recently installed PowerExchange 10.2.0 HF 1 on a new Windows server 2016, but did not quite direct the install to the location and folder structure I wanted. I did not continue with any configurations or post-i...
    Joel Tompkins
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  • Magento2 connector missing

    I am working with informatica cloud platform ,I need a magento connector to read and write the data. Magento connector  is available as per the documents but When I am try to search magento connector I couldn't f...
    Narendra Bedse
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  • Can I sftp any kind of file (say pdf) using Informatica PowerCenter without concerning about the content of the file?

    Suppose I have to transfer a kind of file (say pdf) which Inforamtica PowerCenter can/cannot read from or write to. I am not bother about the content of the file, but, I just need to transfer the file from server1 to ...
    Srinivasarao Kotipatruni
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  • Time stamp with Time Zone: Precision length becomes 0

    Hi Informatica Support Team,   A. Issue: a) The below table is created at source Oracle DB CREATE TABLE SRC_TZ(TZ_SRC_COL TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE);   b) ODBC is created using Data Direct 7.1...
    Prasenjit Patra
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