• Getting error while creating new project in Informatica TDM

    Hello,   We recently had done a fresh installation and configuration of Informatica TDM 10.2.0.   We are getting error   "[Fetching project] [ERROR] [[JPA_0006] Internal error. An error occurred whi...
    Prabhuraj Kuppan
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  • PowerExchange Uninstaller Error

    Hi! I recently installed PowerExchange 10.2.0 HF 1 on a new Windows server 2016, but did not quite direct the install to the location and folder structure I wanted. I did not continue with any configurations or post-i...
    Joel Tompkins
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  • Magento2 connector missing

    I am working with informatica cloud platform ,I need a magento connector to read and write the data. Magento connector  is available as per the documents but When I am try to search magento connector I couldn't f...
    Narendra Bedse
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  • Can I sftp any kind of file (say pdf) using Informatica PowerCenter without concerning about the content of the file?

    Suppose I have to transfer a kind of file (say pdf) which Inforamtica PowerCenter can/cannot read from or write to. I am not bother about the content of the file, but, I just need to transfer the file from server1 to ...
    Srinivasarao Kotipatruni
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  • Time stamp with Time Zone: Precision length becomes 0

    Hi Informatica Support Team,   A. Issue: a) The below table is created at source Oracle DB CREATE TABLE SRC_TZ(TZ_SRC_COL TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE);   b) ODBC is created using Data Direct 7.1...
    Prasenjit Patra
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  • Informatica - load latest record and maintain history

    Hello,   I have records coming like this from source. where for all incoming record status would be A and status_D would be sysdate.         Status ID Flag Status_D A 123456789 Y sysdate A 34...
    v kase
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  • Unable to access admin consol

    Hi everyone since yesterday i coudnt able to access the admin console. all the services (informatica, oracle ) are up and running but i am could not able to access admin console. i am sharing screen shot  in t...
    laxman v
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  • Trying to install Informatica IDQ

    Hi,   I'm trying to install Informatica IDQ and when i'm trying to launch the application its showing me this pop up message. Can anyone help me with this?  
    Jagadish Athmakuri
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  • Calling Stored procedure returning a ref cursor from SQL Transformation

    Hi All, I need to call a stored procedure from informatica SQL transformation. The stored procedure returns a reference cursor as output. The SQL transformation as input ports which has link backward to the expressi...
    Mamta Prasad
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  • Physical Data Object Informatica Developer

    Hi Team,   We are using Informatica Developer 10.2. We created a new Salesforce Data object for account. However, later few fields/columns were added to salesforce object.   We I try to create/overwrite t...
    Mitesh Joshi
    created by Mitesh Joshi
  • Date time conversion

    I have date/time column in "2000-01-01 05:00:00.000" format and I want to convert it into "01/01/2000 05:00:00 AM" format. Please help.
    v kase
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  • Transfer flat files over webservices

    Hello,   Can i transfer zipped flat files by invoking a webservices? My requirement is to zip bunch of flat files and transfer from on premise Informatica to cloud storage location. Do i need a web services hub ...
    Arun Kumar
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  • JDBC driver version is installed in informatica 10.2 is compatible with Oracle 12 JDBC driver version

    Hello Guru,   As I am using informatica v10.2 with Oracle 11g combination. As per new requirement Database is going to be upgraded to 12c but informatica version 10.2 would remain same.   My question is he...
    Nitin Bansal
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  • Error details not getting recorded in PMERR Table

    Hello All,   We are loading data from Informatica to salesforce and using PMERR tables to log the error details at database level. The record gets inserted into PMERR_SESS but not in any other tables. At Sales...
    Sachin Shinde
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  • Read/write contact - download software

    Hi   We need to download Informatica 10.2.0 HotFix 2 but my account does not have the right privileges. How can I get this privileges?   Kin regards, Kjell Tore
    Kjell Tore Aspeslåen
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  • Do not see Sequence Generator transformaton in 10.1

    Hello I'm having a strange problem - in customers' Informatica Developer 10.1 Sequence Generator transformaton is simply missing. This must be something really silly. Can anyone please give me a hint what's wrong? ...
    Valery Cherepanov
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  • Command Task to trigger workflow is failing.

    Severity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code Message ERROR 1/11/2018 5:23:05 PM  4436 LM_36623 Command task instance [cmd_--ABC]: execution of command [Command1] did not complete successfully with exit code [3] &#...
    chaitanya mannem
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  • Is there a way to find the dependency on a parameter

    i have few mappings with close to 100 parameters. It would be very challenging to find what parameter is used where.   Is there a way to find the dependencies on the parameter defined, whether is it used anywher...
    Manjunath Narayanaswamy
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  • IBM cognos TM1 to External sources

    How can we export TM1 cube data to any ETL tool like Informatica? or to AWS service like Redshift? I know it supports ODBC drivers. How to move data from Informatica to AWS Redshift? I want to move data from TM1 to ...
    Pritesh Senghani
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  • How to achieve data encryption using informatica cloud file processor.

    How to achieve data encryption using Informatica cloud file processor. what are PGP and AES encryption and which method are we using in Informatica cloud how does it works.
    Yanamadala Ramesh Babu
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