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Informatica BDM 10.0 Update1


What are we announcing?

Informatica BDM is releasing update1 on top off v10.


Who would benefit from this release?

This release is for all customers and prospects who need big data management on V10. This release addresses some key features around performance and connectivity.


What’s in this release?

Informatica customer base we see a strong interest in our largest customers to start or expand their Big Data management solution. As part of this, we need to address some key challenges around performance, connectivity & PAM. In the update1 release, we are addressing some of the critical gaps around it. High-level themes for this release are:


  • Performance ( Hardening Blaze and adding more functionality)
  • Reuse ( Ability to generate a PC report on reusability)
  • PAM ( Updating to new versions)
  • Connectivity ( Improving Teradata & Netezza connectivity and many more)
  • Functionality ( Key functional gaps like HS2,update strategy etc)
  • Enterprise Information Catalog – Standard Edition


Details on each of these themes:

  • Performance
    • Blaze
      • Hive source and target
      • Map Side Join
      • Partitioning support for small file
    • Connectivity
      • Teradata, Netezza partitioning
    • B2B DT Performance Improvements
  • Reuse of PC Mappings in BDM
    • Reuse report
  • PAM Updates
    • CDH 5.5
    • IBM BI 4.1
    • HDP 2.3
    • MapR 4.0.2
  • Functionality
    • Parallel workflow
    • HiveServer2 & Update strategy support ( Update 3 merge in v10)
    • BDE Util Enhancements.


Enterprise Information Catalog – Standard Edition

  • New Connectivity
    • Tableau Scanner: Support Tableau Server as a metadata source.
    • IBM Cognos Scanner: Support IBM’s BI reporting tool as a metadata source.
    • Hive on MapR
  • New Hadoop Distro Support
    • Starting Update 1, deployment is also supported on an existing Hortonworks cluster
  • Performance Enhancements
    • Improved column profiling performance by ~3X
    • Improved aggregate linking propagation performance resulting in >40% improvement in overall scanner execution.
  • PAM
    • CDH 5.5, HDP 2.3


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You can download the HotFixes from here.