• Informatica MDM installation issue

    Hi,     Running the Post Install Script Manually   On Windows. while executing the 'postInstallSetup.bat -Ddatabase.password=<MDM_Hub_Master_DB_Password>'  script,   I am getting ...
  • End of Life Dates for Informatica Platform and Services

    The Informatica Platform is a set of data services and information solutions powered by a state-of-the-art data management engine.   The end of support for the Informatica Platform includes the following product...
    Supreetha Rao
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  • Parsing the data in IDQ

    Hi Team,   I have the below data. Can you please suggest, how can I parse this data through Parser transformation in IDQ? The output should be in the below format.   Source Data: AXC Apartments Sector 12 V...
    Amit Jain
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  • Load same number of records in both tables.

    Hi Team,   We have requirement where we have 2 target tables. One has all clumns + Pks. Another table holds only PK. Source has around 3000M records.   Requirement is that both tables should be loaded same...
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  • Vulnerabilities fix

    Hi Team,   Can the below Vulnerabilities be fixed upon the Informatica PowerCenter upgrade to 10.4 from version 9.6.1?   Please find the Vulnerabilities attachment.   Thanks & Regards, Sarala.
    Nursyarafinax Abdul Aziz
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  • Informatica Oracle Respository on VM

    Hi,   Customer is asking to setup oracle respository on VM. The Informatica Installation guide doesn't sepcify CPU requirements for the oracle respository. I am recommending 8GB RM, 10 GB disk Space , and 4 CP...
    ajaz rahman
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  • Date Format for a string with timezone

    Hello Group, One of our string fields is of the "2018-12-30T16:00:00-05:00" format, what "format string" should we pass to the "TO_DATE" function to convert this into a datetime?   I tried the following format st...
    Ashish Gupta
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  • Informatica 10.5 is Now Available

    What are we announcing? The release of Informatica 10.5 Who would benefit from this release? This release is for all customers and prospects who want to take advantage of the latest PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quali...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Error  GPWRT_34076

    Hi Informatica Experts!   I have registered Greenplum plugin for informatica and informatica administrator shows the plug in registered successfully ( attachment shows greenplum plugin details) . When I try to r...
    ajaz rahman
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  • Mapping gets successful but workflow gets aborted

    Hi,   I am executing a DQ workflow where the mapping sesssion gets successful with transformation evaluation err invalid string to date conversion. ( error is :The date filed is getting null values) However the ...
    niti rawat
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  • Queued Jobs in Informatica Monitor

    Hi, I'm very new to this platform.   Is there any way to identify why a job stays in a queued status?   They have been running for months without issue.  Over the last several weeks I have found ...
    Gary Pope
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  • Is Informatica V10.4.0 compatible with RHEL 7.9 ?

    Hi All,   Can someone please let me know if INFORMATICA V10.4.0 is compatible with RHEL 7.9 ? Where can we check this details on INFORMATICA portal ?   Quick response will be really appreciated.   T...
    Shashikant Gagare
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  • $PMSourceFileDir Override not working

    I have defined and exported $PMSourceFileDir in the user profile   export PMSourceFileDir=\infa_user\source_files   I am using $PMSourceFileDir variable in a commad task. The command task still picks up t...
    ajaz rahman
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  • Scheduling a profile run in Informatica Analyst

    Hi,   I have been playing around with Profiles in Informatica Analyst and I was wondering if there was a way to schedule profiles to be run automatically. Right now all I can seem to do is run a profile manually.
  • A mapping needed to fill data in new column added (for all the historical data in the table)

    Hi,   I have a existing SCD type 2 mapping in place. I have recently added a new column "source_system" to the target table in this mapping. This new column "source_system" will get a value when the mapping run...
    Mounika Reddy
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  • Single Node domain goes down with FATAL [DOM_10094]

    Hi, We have had the informatica domain up for 4 month, our domain is a single node domain. Since last week we are encountering this error on the logs each time we startup the domain. We followed knowlwdge base advice...
    Mattia Rosselli
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  • File processor connector settings

    Hi,   I have an issue on a flow where i have to use e file processor connector.   The design is very simple: there is a csv file into a ftp directory that i have to tranfer to an SFTP directory of a remote...
    Francesco Vitelli
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  • How to parse the JSON using JTX?

    Hi, I am not a Java expert and hence struggling to parse the JSON file in Informatica Power Center using JTX.   I have the following JSON file <<I did not copy the entire file due to size>> and I hav...
    Mani Ar
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  • ROlling back after Delete | PowerCenter + MS SQL Server

    Hi Team,   A table has millions of records. Group of records can be identified through batch numbers. We have developed a mapping, which first identify batch number to be deleted from the table and then pass it ...
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  • Attempting to Merge a header file with a flat file in Informatica Analyst

    I have a header file and a data file with no headers that I need to merge in order to profile. I'm attempting to merge them in the tool however I am having trouble. I was hoping there is a way to add the header within...
    Chris Snyder
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