• Session not getting failed.

    Error in Session log : FnName: Execute -- [Informatica][ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver][Microsoft SQL Server]Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'RESTART_REQUEST_NO', table 'AnaCredit.ANACR_ACQ.SI_MANU_BIF...
    kuldeep gurav
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  • PowerCenter real time edition trail license

    Can we download power center real time edition trial license for installation
    Girish Nair
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  • How to load the data from .JSON file to table by Informatica Power center

    Hi All,   is there any way to load the data from JSON file to a table by Informatica Power Center.   Appreciate your help!!
    Venkateswarlu kommi
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  • Disk space in linux server -100%

    Hello the disk space on our linux server was 66% on tuesday. On wednesday it shooted up to 100% . The integration services stopped and nothing was working. Anyone has any idea what might have caused this issue.
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  • Informatica is Now Available

    What are we announcing? Informatica   Who would benefit from this release? This release is for all Data Engineering and Data Catalog customers and prospects who want to take advantage of the updated H...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Data Access Control At Source

    Hello,   Usecase: a data virtualization layer connected to several underlying data sources providing downstream users virtualized data via data services. The downstream users must be authenticated via  an e...
    Goris Haghverdian
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  • List of the mappings' sources in Developer

    Informatica Developer 10.1   How can I extract the list of the sources of all the mappings created with Informatica Developer? Is there a query?
    Alessandro Corti
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  • End of Life Dates for Informatica Platform

    “In these unprecedented times, we continue to evaluate and assess our product lifecycle. We understand that some of our customers will not be able to complete their Informatica Platform 10.1 upgrades on time due...
    Yamini Soundararajan
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  • Pass parameter to Expression Transformation

    Hi Team,   i'm using PowerCenter. I know, passing expression to Expression transformation using parameter is not supported in Informatica PowerCenter.   But we need work around, if anyone has used it pleas...
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  • Download Power Center 10.4 Client Version

    Hello,   Could you help me to download PowerCenter 10.4 Client Version?   Thanks in advance.
    Salah SOUID
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  • What are the pros and cons on using one workflow and multiple workflow?

    Hi all,   We are designing the workflow structure, if we have 100 sessions, should we separate all session in 100 workflows or just combine all in one workflow? What are the pros and cons on using one workflow...
    Louis Lam
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  • Source-Target Column mapping

    Hi, I have column name as "location" in Source and I need to map it to "area" in target table. How do I achieve this in workflow designer?   Thanks, Atul
    Yogesh Singh
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  • LM_36521 : Failed to start the process for task instance :errno 2 Session task instance

    Hi All,   Getting the below error in Integration service logs   LM_36521 : Failed to start the process for task instance :errno 2 Session task instance   The workflow has parallel sessions and someti...
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  • Finding mapping in BDM using certain Data Object

    Hi How to find all mappings in BDM which are using certain tables (DAta Objects)?
    Vipul Thakur
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  • Difference between Informatica 9.x & 10.x at architechture level

    Difference between Informatica 9.x & 10.x at architechture level
    Kittu Babu
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  • EBCDIC file generate from pipe delimited ASCII file

    How to generate EBCDIC file from pipe delimited ascii flat file in informatica power center? I have created target definition using power exchange from copybook and deployed it in power center as target definition. B...
    Paban Agarwal
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  • Error code 36401 Execution Terminated Unexpectedly

    Dear All,   when iam connecting with data base I am getting below error. First Error Code: 36401 First Error: Session task instance<s_test> : Execution Terminated Unexpectedly same session when i run wi...
    Anjireddy Kasireddy
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  • EBCDIC to ASCII file generation by Informatica power center

    1. I have an XXX.dat file which is generated by mainframe. Using VSAM and Normalizer source, i am loading the file to a relation table and i can read the data also. But when i am generating ASCII file from the same VS...
    Paban Agarwal
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  • Cloud Application Integration Error and Audit Trail Framework

    Hello Team,   We are looking for Audit and Trail error framework in Cloud application Integration in priority.   Regards, Sanjay Rathore
    Sanjay Rathore
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  • Cloud Application Integration Design Use Case

    Hello Experts,   We have below design use case.   For Inquiries submitted from GMIConnect system to SIEBEL, IICS should update Response received from SIEBEL.  Responses are: Transfer Status = Inte...
    Sanjay Rathore
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