• Behaviour of Seq geneartor on partitioning

    Hi,   How will the seq generator behave if there are three sessions which are running in parallel and have same reusable sequence generator ? Will the ids generated in sequence ? if yes, how its will impact the ...
    Pawan Srivastava
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  • How to automate object migration in Informatica cloud

    How to automate object migration(Export/Import) in Informatica cloud.
    Sreelatha Kuruba
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  • Unable to read data from an xml element since one of the attribute belongs to a different namespace

    Hi All,    Can you please help me resolve this issue? We are using Informatica 10.2 and trying to read data from an XML file. The xml file has 2 namespaces. First namespace is used for all the elements othe...
    Annalakshmi T
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  • Import IDQ 10.1 mapping to Powercenter 10.1

    I am trying to import a IDQ mapping to Powercenter and i am getting this issue <Error> : Could not find Transformation definition for: Oracle src_table ** Failed to Import: Mapping_xxx_yyyy_zz Completed impo...
    Silpa Ped
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  • DX Console re-processed event it

    Hi All,   My question is regarding B2B DX console. Whenever the files are stalled in the DX console for any Event ID's,when we reporcess the stalled event ID,how to find the the new Event ID,that has been re-pr...
    Sampath Bobbala
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  • Migration from Oracle 18c to Azure MS SQL

    Hi all, I have a project that needs to be moved from on-premise Oracle to cloud Azure MS SQL database. I know that Informatica is agnostic but I want to understand how much effort will take this migration. We have a...
    Mike Thunder
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  • How to load the data from .JSON file to table by Informatica Power center

    Hi All,   is there any way to load the data from JSON file to a table by Informatica Power Center.   Appreciate your help!!
    Venkateswarlu kommi
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  • Deploy Application to archive file via command line

    Is there a command line way to produce an application archive file using commandline? The command reference seems to only deploy an archive file to DIS.  I'm using Informatica Developer 10.1
    Marvin Mondejar
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  • Unable to open the remote file over SFTP Error

    Hi All,   We are facing below issue in one of our Informatica workflows:   FTP_14072 Using Public Key file: [/home/a_informatica/.ssh/id_act_rsa.pub]. FTP_14073 Using Private Key file: [/home/a_informatica/...
    mini mishra
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  • Issues in migrating from 9.6.1 to 10.2

    Hi All, we are recently migrating from 9.6.1 to 10.2 informatica PC with SQL server as application database i am facing two issues actually   1) for one of the mapping where we are getting error as , value too...
    mayur marathe
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  • Issue with - Windows10 and PC Client 10 1

    Team,     Getting Issue while installing client of 'Informatica 10.1' on 'Windows 10' 64 bit OS.             *Details:*     1. I have the correct software,   &...
    Kisalay Gaur
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  • Planning Upgrade from 10 1 to 10 2 1

    Hello All,   Planning Upgrade from 10 1 to 10 2 1 for Power Center and Power Exchange on AIX.   I tried but no luck of 10 2 1 , Can someone share me the document of 'Upgrade of Informatica from 10 1 to lat...
    Kisalay Gaur
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  • Where can I download Powercenter Informatica 10.2 Windows Client Installer (Hotfix 2)

    Hello,   I'm trying to download the version Powercenter Informatica 10.2 Windows Client Installer (Hotfix 2).   But I don't find it when I use the link : I only got the Powercenter Informatica 10.2 Windows...
    David BATISTA
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  • Moving Informatica PROD to another server.

    We want to understand if you can share the best practices / KBAs because we are in a plan to  migrate informatica from one server to another. Also we would like to understand the drawbacks or advantages if Inform...
    Ranteshwar Singh
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  • Informatica Users Action While copying Domain DB

    Is the Users migrated automatically when we copy the Domain DB from one environment to other environment (or) Do we need to perform any action. If yes, Pls suggest.
    Kittu Babu
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  • Slow Performance of Workflow in Different Environment - V10.1

    Hi Gurus,   Thanks for providing all the help in the past and I have one more issue faced today.   We have one Main Repository and one Temp repository and both are setup on same unix server. I am running a...
    Mohit Verma
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  • Human Task execution issues

    Hi Team, I am using Human task in one of my workflow to give access to Users to update the data directly in DB. But post execution of job, it is creating a task in Analyst but none of the users are able to edit the da...
    Hema Sivakoti
    created by Hema Sivakoti
  • Performance - SQLLoader 12.2 in Informatica V10.2

    Hi All,   I am facing SQL Loader performance issue in one of my workflow while loading a flat file having rows 3.4 Million rows. I am using Informatica V10.2 and SQL Loader of V12.2.   When I am running th...
    Mohit Verma
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  • how could i fix it

    EC5857 Informatica Network
    waqar lak
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  • Unable to connect to admin console after powercenter installation

    Hi Experts,   I have installed Informatica 10.2 server in linux platform. The installation is completed but I am unable to login to Admin Console page. I am attaching the logs here.   Please help.  ...
    Ramta Batra
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