• Unable to connect to DB2 on zOS from IICS

    I was trying to perform data integration using IICS. The source which i wanted to use is DB2 on zOS.   Since there is no option for that while selecting new connection, i selected ODBC.   But I couldn't find...
    J George
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  • Steps to configure HA

    What are the pre-requisites to configure HA. How can we configure HA
    Kittu Babu
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  • [ICMD_10033] Command [UpdateParameterSetEntries] failed with error [[DsCore_10124] Scope descriptor [DEV_Part1/Consolidation_Shared/Mappings/m_CUSTOMER_GEO_DATA] is not valid.].

    I am facing an issue when updating parameter set through commands.   Following is the UpdateParameterSetEntries command.   infacmd.sh dis UpdateParameterSetEntries -dn infa_presales_cloud -sn presales_dis ...
    Shital Katkar
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  • MDM Java Cleanse Function

    Requirement:   I have two BO tables- Party & child BO- Party Name Data is loaded in MDM via BES & is sent via a pipeline (payloads) wherein the sequence of the triggers/request is ideal i.e. not necessa...
    niti rawat
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  • Ports used by Informatica developper connect to server

    Hello, Due to the conorovirus impact,part of my developers can only work from home with their personal computer,so we need a VPN connection to allow their company to visit the company intranet, So we need the ports ...
    Kui Tan
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  • Need an api to make calls as well as to convert files for Informatica PowerCenter

    Hi Team,   I need an api which will use to convert files and to make api calls as well for Informatica PowerCenter. One of our client is using DellBoomi api to do this activity.   Please check and let me k...
    Latha K
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  • Use input port in lookup override

    Hi Gurus,   I am working on logic where i need to do lookup on table but the value in source will not match with lookup as there are few other words attached to source value(i cannot cleanse that so out of quest...
    Nitish Sharma
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  • SPN Configuration - EDC

    We are having issues with setting up our SPN's for our Enterprise Data Catalog installation.  i need someone to validate the script and if I need to do anything on my AD account
    Wes Hendrix
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  • Search for SQL in IDQ Repository

    i'm using this query againsts the IDQ repository to find all my SQL Overrides for READ and Lookup Transformations Does this do the trick. It seems to find READ but i don't think its pulling from Lookup. select PO...
    Marvin Mondejar
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  • Informatica is Now Available

    What are we announcing?Informatica Who would benefit from this release? This release is for all Data Engineering and Data Catalog customers and prospects who want to take advantage of the updated Hadoop dist...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • How to find the type of node

    How can we find out whether a node is a Master Gateway node (or) Gateway node (or) Worker, without loging to Informatica Admin Console.
    Kittu Babu
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  • OS upgrade impact on Informatica application

    Dear All,   We have Informatica application 10.x  in a Linux environment . Unix team is planning for a OS upgrade and the upgraded OS version is compatiblewith informatica 10.x application.   This is...
    Mohamed Asif
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  • Message Code: HIER_28056  XML Reader: Error [ExpectedCommentOrPI]

    Hi i haved this error, Message Code: HIER_28056  XML Reader: Error [ExpectedCommentOrPI] occurred while parsing:[FATAL: Error at (file EMPTY, line 73, char 1 ): Expected comment or processing instruction.]; line...
  • Disk space in linux server -100%

    Hello the disk space on our linux server was 66% on tuesday. On wednesday it shooted up to 100% . The integration services stopped and nothing was working. Anyone has any idea what might have caused this issue.
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  • Merge Option not Appearing for Relationship Table in IDD

    Hi,   Here is the problem statement where we need a resolution.   We have an IDD application dealing with Customer data. The proper subject areas have been created and it works fine. But we are facing one pr...
    S Raja
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  • End of Life Dates for Informatica Platform

    End of Life dates for Informatica Platform: Supported Versions Release Date Minimum Support Period End of Support Extended Support* Sustaining Support* 10.4 December 2019 January 31, 2024 TBA TBA TBA 10.2.x September ...
    Yamini Soundararajan
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  • nEED TO EXECUTE REGULAR EXPRESSSION based on the country code

        @ I have a scenario wherein regular expression is to be applied on a few source columns based on the country. I created a managed reference table in Informatica Developer with two columns Country code...
    niti rawat
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  • No data in Repository table

    Hello ,   Recently our database has migrated from an old server to a new server. But there is no data in repository tables , and maily we are concenered with REP_SESS_LOG. Can you please help us troubleshoot...
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  • Informatica 10.4 is Now Available

    What are we announcing? The release of Informatica 10.4   Who would benefit from this release? This release is for all customers and prospects who want to take advantage of the latest PowerCenter, Data Engineerin...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Dynamic lookup cache is not updating NewLookupRow to 2 for the existing record.

    Scenario I am facing is we have couple of records coming from source are having duplicates. we have a composite key [ID1 and ID2] defined at the informatica level and not at the DB level. let's assume there are two re...
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