• Need to know if Informatica 9.6.1 is compatible with Oracle Linux 6

    Hi Team,   We have planned for Migration of Informatica 9.6.1 from On prem (IBM AIX 7.2) to OCI (Oracle Linux 6.10) We know it is compatible with RHCK Kernel series 2.6.32 which is present in Oracle Linux 6. P...
    Kaviraju P
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  • Add structure group via REST API

    I am attempting to add a structure group via the REST API, but am receiving the following error:   Unable to perform operation due to an unknown error. Please try again or contact your PIM administrator or the S...
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  • ORA-12660: Encryption or crypto-checksumming parameters incompatible

    Hello Team,   Kindly help me in resolving the below issue.   Issue Description: ===============   On Informatica version : Informatica 10.1.0 ,Customer is not able to start their informatica servic...
    Ananth Suman
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  • IDQ - Comparison Transformation

    Hi All,   I am using comparison transformation in my mapping to compare LAST_NAME in one table but it always returns 1 for all the records , means all the records has duplicate  which is not correct . Pleas...
    Abhidha P
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  • Filter Transformation Pushdown Optimization

    Hi,   I am using a filter transformation just after the source object. I have read some articles regarding the filter pushdown that the query you have written in filter transformation is processed by the the sou...
    Munesh Yadav
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  • Process Object is not getting loaded into cloud process

    In our informatica cloud environment whatever a Process Object I create and try to load it in a Cloud process is not happening.. but process object is successfully getting created .. no error but still its weird.. bec...
    mani vincent
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  • PMUDT_50025 : Streamer failed to find next segment

    Hi Everyone,   I am getting below error while transforming my data using unstructured data transformation. PMUDT_50025 : Streamer failed to find next segment   I am able to parse my data with Informatica ...
    Informatica Ops
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  • Need suggestion on Kernel Compatibility for Informatica in Oracle Linux

    Hi ,   We would need to understand whether RHCK Kernel 3.10.0-1160.36.2.el7.x86_64 is compatible/certified with Informatica (9.6.1, 10.2.1 & 10.4.1) in Oracle Linux OS (7.9).   Please confirm if the ab...
    Kaviraju P
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  • Informatica Process Server not launch due to PostgreSQL database

    Hi,   I can't start the Process Server, but the Common Integration Components and the Data Integration Server are running.   At the bottom I brought logs, which show the problem with starting PostgreSQL an...
    Andrei Pisarev
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  • Multiple [2] system folders found for org error when trying to configure secure agent

    When trying to use the command   ./consoleAgentManager.sh configureToken   get the error   Login failed: [503 : [{"code":"0","description":"Multiple [2] system folders found for org orgidhere ","st...
    Amarnath Datar
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  • Informatica 10.2- Reading cobol file

    we are facing issue with reading cobol file in the mapping with Normalizer transformation. the columns data with are started with '*' are not reading and populating null values to target table. Can you please advise ...
    Vasu M
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  • Any other way than JMS to notify downstream system about Merge event

    Hello Everyone,   do we have any other way than JMS , where we can notify downstream systems about Merge event.   Thanks Priyanka
  • Erro ORA-00933 - Administrator

    Hello, good afternoon.   We have found an error that logs in the Informatica Administrator log after logging into the PowerCenter Designer and opening an existing Project folder, at which time PowerCenter loads ...
    Rafael Ferreira
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  • Informatica in Windows OS Abbyy OCR run

    Hi Everyone,   I have found a way to run Images through Abbyy OCR in Informatica - Linux, However the Informatica I am using is in Windows. How do i obtain the workflow? wf_OCR_ABBYY.XML https://marketplace....
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  • Export/Import Repository Content support for MS SQL Server

    Hi Team,   We have informatica server(1) with repository database IBM DB2 10.5. In our target we are installing same version of informatica server(2) but our repository databse will be Microsoft Sql Server. We c...
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • Meta data query to check table dependencies

    Hello team   I am working on some table deprecation analysis in my current assignment, I’m looking for some metadata query to return me all dependencies for a table including source, target and source qual...
    Lakshman G
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  • Disk Issue : Need to free up the cache memory

    Hi Team,   I can see a lot of dat files created for a particular date in the cache folder: server/infa_shared/Cache The same day we had a server shutdown. Can I go ahead and delete these files? How to know w...
    Aparna Razdan
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  • Informatica Cloud as Scheduler

    Hi, I have a few stored procedures written in Snowflake and wanted to check if I can leverage the InformaticaCloud -Snowflake connectivity to orchestrate these stored procedures. Note: I don't have the mapping of t...
    Aparna Razdan
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  • Informatica 10.4.1 will support IaaS/PaaS version of SQL DB

    Hi Team,   We are planning to Install Informatica 10.4.1 in Azure Platform. For its domain repository, Whether it will support IaaS and PaaS version of SQL DB.   Thanks, Thiru
    Thiru Murugan U
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  • Could someone please help me to provide the JDBC connection string and driver class name.

    Could someone please help me to provide the JDBC connection string and driver class name, so that I am able to connect Athena through JDBC driver. Ans also if possible what all user permission required from AWS end to...
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