• Informatica support case

    Hi,   I need to open a case with informatica support team. Could you please help me out with the process? Help will be appreciated.   Thankyou !
    swetha moorthy
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  • Informatica Cloud (IICS) Mapping Automation

    Hi Gurus,   I am trying to extract data using IICS. My mappings are simple, source -> target, 1 to 1 mapping. I was wondering, if there is a way to a) generate mappings automatically (code, api calls) to crea...
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  • Informatica upgrade 9.1 to 10.2

    Hi Team,    My team is planning to upgrade the 9.1 to 10.1.As asked to create the parallelenvironment to do this activity . As per upgrade document we need to follow 9.1-->9.6.1-->10.1 path . I have...
    shalabh srivastava
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  • Java Transformation question

    I'm using JAVA transformation in my mapping(IDQ v10 ) with source being read from Oracle DB. When I run mapping locally it's working good as expected but when I run the workflow via Autosys job,it's not even trying ...
    Sandeep Paturu
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  • I am new to Informatica and need to understand scanner,injestion and profiling phases in detail.

    I can see below items in ingestion log and need to understand what they mean and what happens during those phases. Please someone explain below items. Please share any document which details about scanner and profile...
    Mithun Karanth
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  • Informatica Upgrade from 9.0.1

    I want to upgrade from Informatica 9.0.1 to 10.2 and I Installed windows 2012 R2 initially and copied previous version folder to new machine for upgrade.When I start the installation of Informatica 9.5.1 this gives er...
    Ashish Pandit
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  • RunAjobCli using Powershell

    Hi,   I want to run one of our taskflow continuously until I finish  all the files in a windows folder. This task can process only one file at a time. Currently i am running this task using 5 mnt infomatica...
    Shabeer Madathil
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  • REP_SESS_TBL_LOG Dups rows

    Hi Masters,   I have a mapping which is loading 3 tables. I was looking to check the metadata information of this mapping's session like success rows, failed rows etc. I thought that this information can be fetc...
    Mohit Verma
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  • Connet to MSSQL Server with Windows Authentication

    Hello I'm trying to connect some services to MSSQL Server with Windows Authentication without any success. Only Domain and PowerCenter Repository show me the option "Trusted Connection", in this case I'm able to ins...
    Federico Fanalista
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    Ajay .
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  • How can I choose selected pipeline in mapping for debugger

    Hi All,   I'm using debugger for a mapping which has 2 pipelines, in 1st pipeline i almost have 8 lakh records, but i want to check the data for 2nd pipeline , so how can i skip the 1st pipeline and choose the 2...
    Karthik G
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  • ERROR: Connect failed: SAP error message [===> SAPReader: Connect Failed.  Error in network & communications.  key = RFC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE  message =   ERROR service 'sapmsTSR' unknown

    Hi All,   Can anyone please tell me why the below error occurs ?     ERROR: Connect failed: SAP error message [===> SAPReader: Connect Failed. Error in network & communications. key = RFC_CO...
    swetha moorthy
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  • Download links for Informatica Client 10.2

    Hi,   I'm working on a POF using the Informatica PowerCenter PAYG from the AWS marketplace.   Can someone tell me where to get download links for the Informatica Client to use with this please.   Tha...
    Mark Baker-Munton
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  • Log Info generated from Informatica PowerCenter

    Could you please tell, why do we use below logs & what kind of information would be stored in each log.   exceptions.log catalina.out node.log node_jsf.log ispLogs.log
    Kittu Babu
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  • Is it possible to connect our Informatica PowerCenter to Salesforce using certificate instead of user/password?

    Hi,   We would like to know if it is at all possible to connect our Informatica PowerCenter to Salesforce using certificate instead of user/password which we are using today? When we looked around we only found ...
    Jester Tolentino
    created by Jester Tolentino
  • The Service P00_DIS could not be enabled due to the following error:  [DOM_10054]

    Hi   We want to use Informatica Analyst a little more at NAV. In that regard, I have discovered that it is a mistake to start a dependent service, Data Integration Service.   When I try to start the servic...
    Jester Tolentino
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  • Session & Workflow log creation through pmcmd command

    Hi Frnds,   My requirement is that I am trying to generate session log and workflow log through pmcmd commands using one shell script and finally displaying the same on Autosys screen because as a part of a deve...
    mini mishra
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  • JDBC support for connections to Oracle sources and targets in Powercenter

    Hi,   Our database administrators recommend the use of Oracle's Universal Connection Pool (UCP) to manage connections between clients and Oracle Exadata. UCP is not only recommended for load balancing qualities...
    Jester Tolentino
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  • PowerCenter OS profile with different OS (Linux) user

    We created a new Informatica OS profile using a different OS (Linux) user other than the one used for running the Informatica service. The workflows are failing with VAR_27098 error, ERROR: Error in expanding variab...
    Sameer Deshpande
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  • DTM Buffer issue

    We just did an upgrade from Powercenter 9.5.1 to 9.6.1 Hotfix 2. We are beginning to see the following error: Message Code: DBG_21699 Message: The reader is waiting for the DTM to provide buffer blocks. To improve ...
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