• Informatica Version History

    Hello Everyone,   I am looking for informatica version history. So, anyone who had the details about different versions of informatica e.g. base versions and current version and when it was released.   Thanks.
    Umair Khan
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  • How to  Download EBFs from http://tsftp.informatica.com facing error

    I want to do log4j2  remediation for EDC, Informatica has given an update to Log4j remediation for Enterprise Data Catalog when I want  to Download EBFs from http://tsftp.informatica.com facing an error http...
    dasari chakradhar babu
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  • Is Oracle 19c is compatible with informatica v10.1.1?

    Hi All,   There is a Db upgrade on our way .So, I would like to know whether oracle 19c is compatible with  informatica v10.1.1 ?   Thankyou!
    User informatica
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  • ERROR [Monitor Guaranteed Message Logger Thread] [CCM_10322] 向日志服务记录消息时出现以下错误: [[DOM_10022]

    。。。。 com.informatica.isp.domainservice.exceptions.ISPMasterNotAvailableException: [DOM_10022] 域的主网关节点不可用。正在选举其他主网关。等待主网关节点的选举完成。如果问题仍存在,请验证主网关节点是否正在运行。 2021-12-17 10:26:52,926 INFO  [Thread 6 of 6 in DomainServ...
    Hickan Ye
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  • Postgres JDBC Connection in Power Center Desinger

    Hi,   We have been having Performance issues with Postgres(Database) ODBC Drivers in PC 10.4. We like to try out things with the JDBC Driver for Postgres Power Center Client Designer Successfully made the JDBC...
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  • Log4J remediation for Axon 7.2.2

    Log4J remediation for Axon7.2.2 where should i update -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true in jvmoptions file    
    dasari chakradhar babu
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  • Informatica developer 10.1.1 cannot extract from DB2

    Hi,   I am trying to extract data from DB2 using Informatica developer 10.1.1. The connectivity test to table was successful but every time I wants to preview the data, there is error message displayed as below:...
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  • Integrating Informatica Developer with GIT

    Hi All,   We are trying to implement code versioning concept in our project using GIT. Since we are all new to Informatica developer we are not sure from where to initiate . Could anybody can help me here with a...
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  • Parameterized Source File Truncated

    I'm using a file listener to pass the file name to a mapping task.  The mapping task is copying the file from a remote server to a local folder.  The file is being truncated.  How can I define the field...
    Melissa Manthorne
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  • IDQ - Repository table / view for schedule time of Applications

    Hi All, I want to know the IDQ Repository table / view name to get the list of scheduled application with time and frequency. Thanks
    Abhidha P
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  • MDM/EDC/Axon/IDQ Latest Versions and PAM

    Hello, We are planning to install EDC, MDM, Axon and IDQ and referring PAMs to make sure we procure on premises servers with proper Operating System versions and Shapes  ( CPU/ Memory, disk).    Need ...
    rajesh khatri
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  • How to store JSON array data into one column in SQL table?

    I am using IICS to do ETL. My source is a JSON file. I am using Hierarchy parser to parse that JSON and load the output into database. Everything is going fine except one thing. Within that source JSON file there is o...
    Aniruddha Gayake
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  • CMN_1022 [Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libodbc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]

    Hi,   I'm using Informatica developer of version 10.5.1, we have created connection with SQL Server Database and the connection is successful. While adding read component in the mapping for the particular connec...
    Jyoti Rathod
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  • Informatica Power Center Installation with File Descriptor limit less then 16000

    Hi Everyone,   I am facing File descriptor limit issue when run pre check tool, increasing limit is taking time because i dont have sudo user access. My question is can i move with installation with limit 4096 ?...
    asim khalil
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  • Full encryption?

    Is there a way to run Informatica MDM in an encrypted mode so that nobody from Informatica themselves or from the cloud provider could gain access to plain text data?   As a more concrete question: Is a setup p...
    Martin Treder
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  • Is this still available?

    Is this still available?
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  • Migration from Informatica 9.5.1 to Informatica Cloud

    Hi All,   I am exploring option to migrate on premise Informatica 9.5.1 to Informatica cloud. I have very less information on informatica cloud so thought to check on this forum. Looking forward for your inputs...
    Asmita Joshi
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  • BDM log

    Hi   The BDM service was down and I am looking for the log that can tell me what happened.   Could anyone direct me please to the appropriate BDM log file ?   Thank you, Tamir
    Tamir Basin
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  • Powercenter to IICS Migration

    Hi,   I am going to work on a new project where we have to migrate the jobs from PC to IICS. In order to move forward with this, I would like to get inputs from anybody on the below.   1. What are the pre-...
    Jaiganesh Natarajan
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  • SSL Connect ERROR

    i am not able to access Designer, workflow on Informatica Powercenter. ERROR : PCSF_46024 SSL has failed because of SSL connect Error Also, I cannot access the Admin Console. Below are details : infacmd.sh ping ...
    Aparna Razdan
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