• Informatica Administrator Home Page not working

    Hi,   I just installed informatica 9.6 on my machine.   I am trying to run Informatica Administrator Home Page as a part of next steps but unable to connect and getting the following error-   This si...
    King Singh
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  • Sugessted solution for dynamic conversion of JSON/XML data into relational tables in DB?

    Dear Community,   I am looking for yours suggestion for most elegant solution to convert about 1500+ unknown JSON structures into relational tables DYNAMICALY. JSON schema can be generated for each of JSON struc...
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  • How to load the data from .JSON file to table by Informatica Power center

    Hi All,   is there any way to load the data from JSON file to a table by Informatica Power Center.   Appreciate your help!!
    Venkateswarlu kommi
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  • Query to fetch the sessions, mappings and worklets details that are associated with the workflow

    Hi All,   I Need a repository metadata query to fetch the session, mapping and worklet details that are associated with the workflow.   I did followed the below query but not getting the worklet details th...
    Venkat Bapathu
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  • Scenario on SetMaxVariable

    Hi, i am using a set max variable which is setting the value to25 in a flow. There are 3 files used. But i want the max variable to be reset when the filename changes. Can this be done during the same session run ?
    priyank Pant
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  • Oracle standard edition vs. enterprise edition

    The DBA's are thinking about moving away from Oracle Enterprise edition to Standard edition for the repository DB's. We want to make sure that it would be supported in Linux and Oracle version 19c?   Also, will ...
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  • mapping variable not getting refreshed

    All,   I have a mapping (SQ->EXP->DUMMY_TGT) where I have defined mapping variable $$DELTA_POINTER and $$TIME_DIFF. In expression, I have defined in variable port SETVARIABLE($$DELTA_POINTER,DELTA_POINTER)...
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  • How to invoke informatica WF from python (.py) script

    Hi Gurus, We are working on re-engineering our platform from shell scripts to python scripts. In order to do that we need to call our informatica WFs from these python (.py) scripts. Usually we used PMCMD for the sam...
    Arijit Chowdhury
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  • Informatica upgrade

    Hello,   We are currently having INFA version 9.5.1 ,can we upgrade this directly to 10.2 or any hop is needed.   Regards, Sneha
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  • Create new Environment & Domain DB changes

    We've a Prod env & would like to create new environment (Lets say DR env Replica of Prod) & also Domain DB need to be change on the new environment DR.   What are the steps that we need to follow to migr...
    Kittu Babu
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  • [ICMD_10033] Command [copyNodeConfigurationFiles] failed with error [[INFASETUP_10142]

    Hello,   I face below error while upgrading informatica AWS linux server for 10.4.0 version upgrade .Could you please help me resolve the issue for further installation . The respective paths has necessary permi...
    swetha moorthy
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  • File which stores EBF/Patch installations

    Could you pls know the file name & path which stores all the information like Installion/Patch/EBF History etc
    Kittu Babu
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  • How to know Type of Repository in Informatica

    I would like to know that what type of Repository are using like Versioned (or) Standalone etc.   Could you pls know how would we get this info.
    Kittu Babu
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  • Informatica Session is Impacted status

    After the Deployment, we've executed the Repo Queries to check any impacted/invalid objects.   Even after validating the objects ... Still the session is showing impacted status. What could be the reasons & ...
    Kittu Babu
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  • Continuous Integration with Informatica Powercenter

    Does Informatica support continuous Integration techniques. Does it support integration with tools like Jenkins. I have heard some people using Jenkins with Informatica but does the company support this.
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  • ODBC Support

    This question is a fork off of a previously posted question to the forum.   In the course of that conversation, it was said, "Data Direct drivers are not supported by Informatica as long as native drivers of DB ...
    Jeremy Jensen
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  • Informatica Developer slow connection to Repository

    Hi, I installed  Infa platform, at the moment only MRS and DIS service are available and running. Os: Linux DB: Oracle Exadata Infa version _10.1.1_HotFix_1_ 1) in DEV environment from the same client connecti...
    Daniele Sibio
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  • Where to download the versio 10.4?

    Can anyone assist where on the portal to download the version 10.4? We have version 10.1 installed and are in need of the upgrade.
    Han Langereis
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  • Automated startup via systemd RHEL 7.x

    We have a multi-node setup (node2 runs the catalog, MRS  and email services). Node 1 needs to start before Node2 can start as the administrator needs to be up and running. I have encapsulated the infastart comm...
    Ashley DCruz
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  • How can I write the expression such that

    I have this expression (IIF(LTRIM(RTRIM(SUBSTR(HEADER_INFO,2,13)))='',NULL,LTRIM(RTRIM(SUBSTR(HEADER_INFO,2,13))))) for the sample data attached, but it is failing when it finds more than one D records after the H rec...
    James Bond
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