• Migration from Oracle 18c to Azure MS SQL

    Hi all, I have a project that needs to be moved from on-premise Oracle to cloud Azure MS SQL database. I know that Informatica is agnostic but I want to understand how much effort will take this migration. We have a...
    Mike Thunder
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  • Issues in migrating from 9.6.1 to 10.2

    Hi All, we are recently migrating from 9.6.1 to 10.2 informatica PC with SQL server as application database i am facing two issues actually   1) for one of the mapping where we are getting error as , value too...
    mayur marathe
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  • Planning Upgrade from 10 1 to 10 2 1

    Hello All,   Planning Upgrade from 10 1 to 10 2 1 for Power Center and Power Exchange on AIX.   I tried but no luck of 10 2 1 , Can someone share me the document of 'Upgrade of Informatica from 10 1 to lat...
    Kisalay Gaur
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  • how could i fix it

    EC5857 Informatica Network
    waqar lak
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  • Workflow migration from one server to another

    Hello Experts,   My assignment is "Copy a workflow to a remote server using command line". I have done some study on it and found the below steps      - Create Deployment Group   ...
    Srikanth Gunuputi
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  • Decrease in performance after the powercenter upgrade from 9.5 to 10.1

    Hi All,   Recently i have upgraded the informatica powercenetr from version 9.5 to 10.1 after the upgrade i see the major slowness in the DB procedure execution  . GRID Db version is ''Oracle Database 11g E...
    Vidya M C
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  • Informatica Session Log not showing the full error description

    I am using a JDBC (Postgre DB- PG DB) connection in my mappings with source and target from different schemas within PG DB. The session log is working absolutely fine when there is no issue/error during mapping execut...
    Harsha Karna
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  • Informatica 10.2 Vs IICS

    Hello every one,   Currently, we are using Informatica 9.5 and we are planning to Upgrade to the new version. we are thinking about 10.2 version of Informatica and IICS. Can anyone please help me to understand t...
    Yanamadala Ramesh Babu
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  • The source table structure will be changed on-the-fly / dynamically in PowerCenter

    My requirement is, The source table structure will be changed on-the-fly / dynamically in Informatica PowerCenter For example, Let's consider the source and target is a flat file. In a mapping, right now there are 10 ...
    Saravana Kumar
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  • Admin consol not opening after fresh installation v9.6.1

    Admin console not opening after fresh installation of Informatica pc v9.6.1.
    Kiran Patel
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  • Informatica TDM Upgrade from 9.6.1 to 10.2.1

    Hi dear Informatica TDM experts,   I am going to start the Informatica TDM Upgrade from 9.6.1 to 10.2.1  (from x64 Windows Server 2008 to 2016) and have 3 questions:   1-) It is possible to migrate it...
    Jonathan Talla
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  • Informatica compatibility with MS Office 2016

    Hello,   I am working in Informatica Powercenter 8.6 version and the MS Office in Informatica client is 2003. Now there is plan to upgrade MS Office to 2016.   I want to know if Informatica 8.6 will suppo...
    Ramta Batra
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  • unable to launch powercenter repository manager 10.2.1

    Hi,   I have 2 versions of powercenter client installed on my computer, version 9.6.1 and version 10.2.1. Everything was working fine, but since this morning i'm not able to open the 10.2.1 Repository Manager. ...
    Nadine Toungou
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  • How to generate flat file with column names when Source qualifier record count is zero?

    Hi All, How can be generate a flat file(Target) with only column names when Source qualifier record count is zero? currently flat file is not generating when record count is zero. In session level Header options sets...
    Aneesh B
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  • Migrating informatica platform from Solaris to Linux

    Dear All,   We are planning to migrate our Informatica platform from Solaris 10 to Redhat Linux (v6.5  or 7.0 as per PAM) with Informatica upgrade 9.6.1 to 10.1.1 version. Can you please share your experien...
    Siva Kiran Bellamkonda
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  • Order of data loaded/processed by informatica

    Is there a way to ensure that informatica will load data in the table in the order it found in the input file ?   If not how else can we achieve a way to ensure the order of rows ?   Thanks Uma
    Uma Lakshman
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  • Informatica upgrade from 9.5.1 to 9.6.1 on same Unix box

    Hi,   We have the version 9.5.1 of Informatica installed on a Unix box and planning to upgrade to 9.6.1. We also need to be able to do regression testing which means to be able to run workflows separately in bot...
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  • MDM 10.1 HF6

    Hello,   I would need to know if all the fixes of HF 5 EBF 4 are included in the HF6 release or it would be needed to download an additional EBF separately.   Thanks in advance.
  • Version control in 10.2

    Hi Everyone,   Am working for Informatica upgrade where I have done the upgrade from Powercenter 961 HF1 to 10.2 version for non versioned repository. During upgrade, automatically version control option was ena...
    Siva Kiran Bellamkonda
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  • PowerCenter 10.2 client on high resolution screens

    I installed PowerCenter 10.2 client on my laptop with 2560x1440 screen and all toolbar buttons appear very small. I believe there was a fix for this for previous version PowerCenter clients as my 9.6.1 client as all t...
    Leo Gore
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