• Issue with - Windows10 and PC Client 10 1

    Team,     Getting Issue while installing client of 'Informatica 10.1' on 'Windows 10' 64 bit OS.             *Details:*     1. I have the correct software,   &...
    Kisalay Gaur
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  • Where can I download Powercenter Informatica 10.2 Windows Client Installer (Hotfix 2)

    Hello,   I'm trying to download the version Powercenter Informatica 10.2 Windows Client Installer (Hotfix 2).   But I don't find it when I use the link : I only got the Powercenter Informatica 10.2 Windows...
    David BATISTA
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  • how could i fix it

    EC5857 Informatica Network
    waqar lak
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  • Unable to connect to admin console after powercenter installation

    Hi Experts,   I have installed Informatica 10.2 server in linux platform. The installation is completed but I am unable to login to Admin Console page. I am attaching the logs here.   Please help.  ...
    Ramta Batra
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  • Decrease in performance after the powercenter upgrade from 9.5 to 10.1

    Hi All,   Recently i have upgraded the informatica powercenetr from version 9.5 to 10.1 after the upgrade i see the major slowness in the DB procedure execution  . GRID Db version is ''Oracle Database 11g E...
    Vidya M C
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  • Informatica Session Log not showing the full error description

    I am using a JDBC (Postgre DB- PG DB) connection in my mappings with source and target from different schemas within PG DB. The session log is working absolutely fine when there is no issue/error during mapping execut...
    Harsha Karna
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  • The source table structure will be changed on-the-fly / dynamically in PowerCenter

    My requirement is, The source table structure will be changed on-the-fly / dynamically in Informatica PowerCenter For example, Let's consider the source and target is a flat file. In a mapping, right now there are 10 ...
    Saravana Kumar
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  • Extracting data from SAP HANA Cloud

    Is there any way to extract the data by using Informatica from SAP HANA Cloud database, we are trying to capture the data in two different ways. Extract the data directly from SAP HANA database tables (SAP systems E...
    Raghavender P
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  • File which stores EBF/Patch installations

    Could you pls know the file name & path which stores all the information like Installion/Patch/EBF History etc
    Kittu Babu
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  • Informatica PowerCenter 10.1.0 and Oracle 12cR2

    Hi All, I have to install Informatica 10.1.0 on Linux 64   1. Is Oracle 12cR2 supported to Create Informatica Repository and Domain ? 2. Is Oracle 12cR2 supported as Source/Target Database?   Thank you ...
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  • Informatica Development Platform 10.1.1

    Hi All,   I'm new to Developer platform. How can I download IDP 10.1.1 from Informatica Technology Network
    Muzaffar Mohammed
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  • Download links for Informatica Client 10.2

    Hi,   I'm working on a POF using the Informatica PowerCenter PAYG from the AWS marketplace.   Can someone tell me where to get download links for the Informatica Client to use with this please.   Tha...
    Mark Baker-Munton
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  • How to generate flat file with column names when Source qualifier record count is zero?

    Hi All, How can be generate a flat file(Target) with only column names when Source qualifier record count is zero? currently flat file is not generating when record count is zero. In session level Header options sets...
    Aneesh B
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  • Migrating informatica platform from Solaris to Linux

    Dear All,   We are planning to migrate our Informatica platform from Solaris 10 to Redhat Linux (v6.5  or 7.0 as per PAM) with Informatica upgrade 9.6.1 to 10.1.1 version. Can you please share your experien...
    Siva Kiran Bellamkonda
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  • Order of data loaded/processed by informatica

    Is there a way to ensure that informatica will load data in the table in the order it found in the input file ?   If not how else can we achieve a way to ensure the order of rows ?   Thanks Uma
    Uma Lakshman
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  • Informatica service startup issue

    Hi All,   I have installed Informatica 10.2 BDM versin on AWS  Linux server and it was working fine from pas 3 months. All of a sudden i started getting below eeror and i am not able to bring the informati...
    Mohamed Asif
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  • Obtaining MRS and DIS Details

    Hi all,   I've come here as a last attempt having looked everywhere that I can think of, so please accept my apologies in advance if this is a particularly obvious question.   I need to connect Axon to IDQ...
    Chase Scott-Pearson
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  • Informatica upgrade from 9.5.1 to 9.6.1 on same Unix box

    Hi,   We have the version 9.5.1 of Informatica installed on a Unix box and planning to upgrade to 9.6.1. We also need to be able to do regression testing which means to be able to run workflows separately in bot...
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  • How to configure RabbitMQ in informatica powercenter and what are all the softwares required

    How to configure RabbitMQ in informatica powercenter and what are all the softwares required
    Sekhar B
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  • Can't register informatica cloud secure agent.

    I installed Informatica agent , registered it and it was up and running. After a while when I tried to start informatica cloud secure agent , it won't start up . As mentioned in the forums , I reinstalled it and now I...
    Aakash Sachdeva
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