• How to invoke informatica WF from python (.py) script

    Hi Gurus, We are working on re-engineering our platform from shell scripts to python scripts. In order to do that we need to call our informatica WFs from these python (.py) scripts. Usually we used PMCMD for the sam...
    Arijit Chowdhury
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  • Informatica Developer slow connection to Repository

    Hi, I installed  Infa platform, at the moment only MRS and DIS service are available and running. Os: Linux DB: Oracle Exadata Infa version _10.1.1_HotFix_1_ 1) in DEV environment from the same client connecti...
    Daniele Sibio
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  • Informatica Developer Model Repository Reporting Issue

    I am looking to extract following information directly form Model repository using SQL or if any other pre built process available in Informatica.   No of Source Rows No of rows Target No of rows rejected Err...
    Zeeshan Saleem
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  • Data Access Control At Source

    Hello,   Usecase: a data virtualization layer connected to several underlying data sources providing downstream users virtualized data via data services. The downstream users must be authenticated via  an e...
    Goris Haghverdian
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  • MDM Java Cleanse Function

    Requirement:   I have two BO tables- Party & child BO- Party Name Data is loaded in MDM via BES & is sent via a pipeline (payloads) wherein the sequence of the triggers/request is ideal i.e. not necessa...
    niti rawat
    created by niti rawat
  • Athena JDBC driver setup issue

    Hi all,   Can someone please advice how to setup Athena JDBC connection in informatica 10.1?   I downloaded v2 driver from Using Athena with the JDBC Driver - Amazon Athena Put in in my jar directory set...
    Alexander Kolesnikov
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  • Is it possible to connect our Informatica PowerCenter to Salesforce using certificate instead of user/password?

    Hi,   We would like to know if it is at all possible to connect our Informatica PowerCenter to Salesforce using certificate instead of user/password which we are using today? When we looked around we only found ...
    Jester Tolentino
    created by Jester Tolentino
  • JDBC support for connections to Oracle sources and targets in Powercenter

    Hi,   Our database administrators recommend the use of Oracle's Universal Connection Pool (UCP) to manage connections between clients and Oracle Exadata. UCP is not only recommended for load balancing qualities...
    Jester Tolentino
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  • Teradata TTU 16.20 compatible  with powercenter 10.2

    Hi All, I would like to know whether Informatica version 10.2 is compatible or not with TTU/TD16.20 version
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  • Oracle Fusion Cloud

    Hi All   Is there any connector in Informatica cloud to extract data from Oracle Fusion Cloud real-time (CDC) to load into SnowFlake/Red-Shift
    Preethish Rahul
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  • Migration from Oracle 18c to Azure MS SQL

    Hi all, I have a project that needs to be moved from on-premise Oracle to cloud Azure MS SQL database. I know that Informatica is agnostic but I want to understand how much effort will take this migration. We have a...
    Mike Thunder
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  • how could i fix it

    EC5857 Informatica Network
    waqar lak
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  • Read table from one database and create materialized view in another database

    Hi all,   I have a requirement to read table from one DB and create MV on this table in another DB. The definition of MV is simple and is something like this   Create materialized view tab1_mv as SELECT * ...
    bhavani sankavaram
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  • How to transfer a .done to a Remote FTP Location

    Hello Team,   We are trying to transfer a file named "goahead.done" (As-Is) which has XML Schema as its contents into a Remote FTP Location. We tried Mapping and DSS tasks using various flavors of the File Proce...
    Ashish Gupta
    created by Ashish Gupta
  • Change the default connection using script

    Hello,   We have a bunch of workflows that execute stored procedures using dual table connections in the source and target. Its all using a default BI_DEV connection, which is guess is pointing to DEV environmen...
    Arun Kumar
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  • What is the best way to know what attributes were deleted from an item?

    What is the best way to know what attributes were deleted from an item?   We have an Oracle database which is basically a replica (or is supposed to be) of what is in PIM.  This db is accessed by reporting ...
    Apps Support
    created by Apps Support
  • The source table structure will be changed on-the-fly / dynamically in PowerCenter

    My requirement is, The source table structure will be changed on-the-fly / dynamically in Informatica PowerCenter For example, Let's consider the source and target is a flat file. In a mapping, right now there are 10 ...
    Saravana Kumar
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  • Extracting data from SAP HANA Cloud

    Is there any way to extract the data by using Informatica from SAP HANA Cloud database, we are trying to capture the data in two different ways. Extract the data directly from SAP HANA database tables (SAP systems E...
    Raghavender P
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  • CMN_1558 : Unable to open lookup cache file

    I am using Informatica 9.6.1 Power Center. OS :- RHEL 64   I am getting intermittently error on Production environment :- 2019-01-03 05:48:48 : ERROR : (4782 | TRANSF_1_1_1) : (IS | PCIS_TCL_GLXY_NRN_PRD) : ...
    Pritish Umathe
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  • Azure connector Inconsistency

         My team recently ran into a dilemma in which we were processing data from an Azure SQL DB and one of the columns had the UTC date offset. The target was the same table structure in Azure SQL D...
    Rich Caprio
    created by Rich Caprio