What are we announcing?

Informatica 10.5.1

Who would benefit from this release?

This release is for all customers and prospects who want to take advantage of the latest PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quality, Data Engineering Integration, Data Engineering Quality, Data Engineering Streaming, Data Privacy Management, Enterprise Data Catalog, Enterprise Data Preparation, and Test Data Management capabilities.

What’s in this release?

Data Engineering Integration

  • Security enhancements


  • Cloudera CDP: Private Cloud Base 7.1.x
  • Cloudera CDP: Public Cloud 7.2.x
  • Amazon EMR 6.1.x
  • Hortonworks HDP 3.1.5
  • Cloudera CDH 6.3.4
  • Databricks 7.3
  • Google Dataproc 1.5
  • MapR 6.1.x MEP 6.3.3

Data Quality

  • Informatica Container Utility (Deployment Manager): support for deployment of an Informatica domain and the required application services for Informatica Data Quality. The Deployment Manager deploys Informatica Data Quality in a docker container.
  • Reference Data Database: support for reference data database on PostgreSQL using JDBC driver.
  • Match Transformation: updated identity resolution libraries and population files.
  • Address Validator Transformation: updated to use Informatica Address Verification engine 5.16.1.
  • Data Quality Accelerators:
    • Added/updated these data domains: 
      • Relates to identification ids: Albania_NationalID, Argentina_NationalID, Australia_BusinessNumber, Australia_DriversLicense, Australia_Medicare_Number, Australia_TaxFileNumber, Australian_ACN, Australian_PhoneNumber, Chile_NationalID, Colomia_NationalID, Czechia_TIN, Estonia_NationalID, France_SIREN, Greenland_CPR, Hungary_TIN, Hungary_TIN_Adószám, Ireland_NationalID, Kuwait_NationalID, Laithuania_NationalID, Spain_NIF_NIE, UnitedArabEmirates_NationalID, UnitedKingdom_UTR, USA_ITIN
      • Related to California: California_Telephone_Area_Code, California_Cities, California_Counties, California_Universities, California_Zipcodes
  • PAM
    • MAPR 6.1.x MEP 6.3.3
    • Cloudera CDP: Public Cloud 7.2.x
    • Cloudera CDP: Private Cloud Base 7.1.x

Informatica Analyst Tool

  • Ability to create a connection to a Salesforce system and import Salesforce objects using the Analyst Tool.

Data Engineering Streaming

  • Transformations in Databricks: You can add the following transformations to streaming mappings that run in the Databricks environment on Azure and AWS platforms:
    • Address Validator
    • Classifier
    • Parser
    • Standardizer
  • Intelligent Structure Models on Databricks: You can incorporate an intelligent structure model in a Confluent Kafka, Kafka, Azure Event Hubs, and Amazon Kinesis Stream data object for streaming mappings that run on the Databricks Spark engine.
  • New PAM
    • MAPR 6.1.x MEP 6.3.3
    • EMR 6.1
    • Cloudera CDP : Private Cloud Base 7.1.x
    • Cloudera CDP : Public Cloud 7.2.x


PAM Updates

  • Informix v14 certification for PowerCenter
  • PostgreSQL v13.x certification for PowerCenter
  • MySQL v8.0.25 certification for PowerCenter
  • MySQL v8.0.25 certification using ODBC connector for Informatica Platform
  • Sybase IQ v16.1 SP4 certification as target (Loader connection) for PowerCenter
  • Vertica Client v10.1.x certification for PowerCenter
  • JDBC V2 Spark Connector certification for Azure SQL DB for PowerCenter and Informatica Platform

Security Enhancements

  • Driver support for MIT Kerberos with Informatica package for Oracle, SQL Server (ODBC), DB2, and Sybase for PowerCenter

Enterprise Data Catalog

User Experience

  • Improved Enterprise Data Catalog login response time.
  • Sort search results based on relevance and sort enabled attributes.
  • Curate data domain for columns directly from the table level.
  • Change notifications for data stewards and data owners assigned to assets.
  • Increase in character limit from 10K to 1,000K to display views and logic scripts.


  • Data Asset Analytics:
    • Improved dashboard response time for huge data asset volumes.
    • Additional filters in Asset Usage, Business Term Association, and User Collaboration reports.
    • Security enhancements.
  • Data Flow Analytics General Availability:
    • Data Flow Analytics for data mapping insight and discoveries with AI/ML to accelerate data modernization, improve data mapping efficiency, and reduce operational costs.
    • Data Flow Analytics for PowerCenter mappings automates the following discoveries:
      • Similar mapping groups and the representative mapping within each group.
      • Duplicate mappings.
      • Mapplet candidates.
      • Reusable transformation candidates.
      • User-defined functions candidates.


  • Automated mTLS security enablement for all services running on the cluster.
  • Removed the requirement for Sudo privileges while you perform the following tasks:
    • Restarting, monitoring, starting, and stopping the Informatica Cluster Service and Catalog Service.
    • Backup and restoration of catalog data.
  • Security enhancements.
  • Install Enterprise Data Catalog in a non-production environment using Docker. 

Scanners and Discovery

  • Scanner and Discovery Enhancements
    • New utility to perform a bulk import of Amazon S3 certificates into the default trust store.
    • Support for incremental profiling and metadata ingestion using the Amazon S3 resource.
    • PowerCenter parameter file utility enhanced with support for worklets-level parameters and password encryption.
    • Support custom data profile sampling SQL query parameter for the JDBC resource.
    • Group compatible parquet file schemas using the 'Non-Strict' partition detection option.
    • Profile Google BigQuery partitioned tables and views for primitive data types.
      Note: You cannot use a single resource to profile both partitioned tables and views as the support modes are different for both object types. Views are supported through the simple mode and partitioned tables are supported through the hybrid mode.
  • New Advanced Scanners
    • Azure Data Factory.
    • Databricks Notebooks with support for Python (PySpark), SQL.
    • Amazon Redshift stored procedures with PL/pgSQL lineage parsing.
    • SAP Business Objects Data Services (BODS).

PAM Updates

  • Scanners
    • Informatica Data Quality 10.5.1
    • Informatica Platform 10.5.1
    • Informatica PowerCenter 10.5.1
    • Informatica Data Integration Hub 10.5
    • Business Glossary 10.5.1
    • SAP S/4HANA 2020
    • Cloudera Navigator 6.3
    • Apache Atlas CDP 7.1.6
    • HDFS and Hive certification for MAPR-FS 6.1.1 MEP 6.3.3 
  • Deployment
    • Support added for RHEL 8.4
    • Support added for Oracle Linux OS 8.4 - RHCK Kernel Only
    • RHEL 7.9 FIPS Certification
    • SELinux on Enforcing mode support

Enterprise Data Preparation

New Features

  • Security enhancements


  • MapR 6.1.1 MEP 6.3.3

Data Privacy Management 

New Features

  • Tag anomalies in User Activity and filter and export anomalies based on tags.
  • Customize existing DSAR PDF report templates or create new DSAR PDF report templates.

PAM Updates

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database as the Data Privacy Management repository
  • Native connectivity for Domain Discovery and Subject Registry
    • Google BigQuery
  • Connectivity through third-party drivers (Drivers to be procured directly by customers)
    • MongoDB
    • REST API

Test Data Management 

PAM Updates

  • Support for the following data types when masking data in Hadoop:
    • CHAR
    • DATE

Platform PAM

  • Java
    • OpenJDK Java 1.8.0_302
    • IBM JDK
  • Tomcat
    • Updated Tomcat 9.0.50
  • Browser support updated:
    • Microsoft Edge Chromium - Version 93.0.961.38
    • Chrome Version - 93.0.4577.63
    • Perforce  - added 2021.1, removed 2019.1
    • Visual SVN - added 4.3.4, 4.2.6, removed 4.3.1, 4.2.2
    • SVN - removed 1.13
    • Bitbucket Server Data Center - added 7.14, removed 7.7
    • GITHUBG Enterprise Server  - added 2.22.15, removed 2.22.4
    • GITLAB Enterprise Edition - added 13.12, removed 13.6.0


  • Support for Kerberos Resource-Based Constrained Delegation (RBCD), which restricts the services to which the specified server can act on the behalf of a user that allows the resource owner to control who can access it. Configure an Informatica domain to use either full delegation or Resource-Based Constrained Delegation.
  • Enhanced security for Command task: Capabilities to control the usage of certain commands in the PowerCenter Workflow command task.

PowerExchange Mainframe & CDC

  • PAM
    • PostgreSQL V13
  • Security Improvements
    • z/OS RACF recording of User last log-on data
    • z/OS netport jobs: passphrase support
  • Functionality Enhancements
    • Oracle Dynamic Dictionary
    • Oracle LOB support for PowerExchange Express CDC for Oracle
    • z/OS tape recall improvements
    • SAP HANA sources supported for CDC with trigger-based capture
      • Informatica has introduced a new SAP HANA CDC capability, which allows customers to capture changes from SAP HANA databases

Release Notes & Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

What's New and Changed: https://docs.informatica.com/data-integration/shared-content-for-data-integration/10-5-1/what-s-new-and-changed--10-5-1-/preface.html

Note: Product documentation is updated for every major release even if a guide does not contain any updated functionality. Product documentation is updated for service packs and hotfixes only if a guide contains updated functionality. If you cannot find a guide for a service pack or hotfix, look at the previous version.

Informatica 10.5.1 Release Notes: https://docs.informatica.com/data-engineering/shared-content-for-data-engineering/10-5-1/release-notes--10-5-1-/abstract.html

PowerExchange Adapters for Informatica Release Notes: https://docs.informatica.com/data-integration/powerexchange-adapters-for-informatica/10-5-1/powerexchange-adapters-for-informatica-release-notes.html

PowerExchange Adapters for PowerCenter Release Notes: https://docs.informatica.com/data-integration/powerexchange-adapters-for-powercenter/10-5-1/powerexchange-adapters-for-powercenter-release-notes/abstract.html

PowerExchange Release Notes: https://docs.informatica.com/data-integration/powerexchange-for-cdc-and-mainframe/10-5-1/release-notes/introduction.html

PAM for Informatica 10.5.1: https://network.informatica.com/docs/DOC-19274