What is being announced?


Starting with the release of Informatica Platform 10.4, Solaris 11 Server will no longer be supported. Informatica Platform is a set of data services and information solutions powered by a state-of-the-art data management engine. The End of Life Announcement  is applicable for the following products:

  • PowerCenter
  • Big Data Management (BDM), Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), Enterprise Data Preparation, (EDP), and Big Data Streaming (BDS) *
  • Data Quality (DQ)
  • Data Transformation (B2B DT)
  • Test Data Management (TDM) and Data Archive
  • Data Validation Option (DVO)
  • Data Integration Hub (DIH)
  • B2B Data Exchange (DX)
  • Metadata Manager, Profiling and Business Glossary
  • Master Data Management (MDM) including Multidomain MDM, Customer 360, Supplier 360, Product 360*, and Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR)

* These products currently do not support Solaris platform.


Why is Informatica announcing this product end of life?


In 2017, Oracle changed the roadmap for Solaris when they switched to Solaris 11.next instead of Solaris 12, a minor release that would cater only to security fixes and patches but no new features or advances in the operating system. Oracle will continue to provide minor updates to the Solaris operating system and promises to sustain support through 2034, but they do not plan to release major updates in the future. Recent product download data, customer support calls, and sales trends show decline in Solaris share.


How will this impact customers?

Informatica supports customers on Solaris servers on versions of Informatica that currently support Solaris and will continue to do so for as long as those versions are supported by Informatica. You could also refer to the EOL Announcement published on Informatica Network. For the full list of End of Life (EOL) announcements please refer to the Informatica Products EOL Notification.


What alternative does a customer have?

As part of an ongoing effort to enable organizations to derive more business value from their investments, Informatica has decided to focus its efforts on delivering superior technology and timely solutions on those platform combinations that are themselves benefiting from investment by their respective vendors. To avoid critical impacts to the business operation, customer should consider planning for a smooth transition to other IT platforms.


Informatica Global Customer Support

For more information, questions, or issues around any Informatica product, open a Support Case through Informatica Network. For additional information on Informatica Global Customer Support, refer to the Informatica Global Customer Support Guide.