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What are we announcing?

Informatica BDM is releasing Redshift installer and EBFs on top of V10 update1 release.


Who would benefit from this release?

This release is for all customers and prospects who requires cloud hadoop distribution support on big data management.


What’s in this release?

Informatica customer base we see a strong interest in Big data Analytics on cloud. As part of this EBF release, we are releasing EMR and Redshift .


Here are the details:


  • Amazon Ecosystem
    • EMR Support: Informatica BDM will fully support running the data integration or data quality workloads on Amazon EMR. We will support Amazon version of EMR 4.3.
    • Redshift Connector: We are also releasing redshift connector support in BDM. This is a high performance partition aware connector. This will run on native and hadoop mode of execution.
    • Hive On S3


Informatica PowerExchange for Amazon Redshift 10.0.Update 1 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Platform v10-Update 1


PS: Location for EMR EBF @/updates/Informatica10/10.0.0/EBF17167

Redshift installer is available through Shipping

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