July 31st will see the release of Informatica Fast Clone Version 11.0.0. This release is aimed to provide further stability to existing users of the Fast Clone product by providing a combination of features as well as PAM and bug fixes. MapR has also been deprecated as a supported target. Updates include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • PAM
    • Added support for Oracle 12cR2 as both source and target.
    • Targeting support only.
    • Added support for MS SQL-Server 2017
    • Added support for Teradata 16.20, 16.10 & 16.0
    • Added support for HP Vertica 9.x & 8.x
    • Added support for Greenplum 5.x
    • Added support for Netezza 7.2
    • Added support for Cloudera Versions 5.14 and lower
    • Added support for Horton Works Versions 2.6 and lower
    • Added support for Apache Hive 2.x and lower
  • Deprecated Support for MapR Targets
    • Support for MapR targets in Fast Clone 11.0 is now deprecated.
  • New Features
    • Enhanced Support for Direct Path Unloads of Oracle SecureFile LOBs. Fast Clone 10.0 used the direct path unload method by default to unload data from SecureFile LOB columns. However, the tables that contained the LOB columns must have been defined with the default SecureFile options. For Oracle 11g and 12c sources, Fast Clone 11.0 can use the direct path unload method to unload data from SecureFile LOB columns that are defined with the DEDUPLICATE, COMPRESS, or ENCRYPT options. For more information, see the Informatica Fast Clone User Guide.


Secure Connections to Amazon Redshift and Greenplum Targets Fast Clone 11.0 can now use the TCP/IP protocol with SSL to securely connect to Amazon Redshift and Greenplum targets


As always, for a complete list of features and updates as well as instructions on how to enable them, please review the appropriate Informatica Fast Clone documentation, which is available for this release.


Who would benefit from this release?


This release is for all customers who wish to source or target newer releases of current connectivity as well as update their environment to benefit from the latest implementations around code bug fixes.


Why should you care?


These enhancements are necessary to update the supported PAM levels of new and existing source & target connectors of Informatica Fast Clone as well as in addressing many customer raised bugs.


Informatica Fast Clone 11.0 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Fast Clone 11.0