• Data replication Task from Salesforce prod takes long to start

    Hi, Drs jobs taking very long to start in prod(atleast 10min) but the same is faster in Sandbox. But once it starts first object download then it goes normal. I had gone thru tomcat logs there are some addtional li...
    Srikanth patevar
    created by Srikanth patevar
  • IDR Server 9.8.0 HF2 HTTPS TLS 1.2 Enable

    Hi All   I have request to enable HTTPS port on IDR server (version 9.8.0 HF2) for IDR Console. The problem is with SSL/TLS protocol version. Does anyone know how to enable or upgrade IDR Server TLS protocol t...
    Milorad Kovacevic
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  • Regarding Replication Task Performance

    Hi Team,   Can you  please tell why replication task is slow most of the times and how can we check bottle neck for replication task.   My salesforce reading is getting completed in one hour for 26 ...
    Riti Mahajan
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  • SQL table to CSV without label

    Hi, I am new to Informatica IISC data integration and I have to create the CSV file from the SQL table every day. I created the data synchronization job, but there is no option to remove the field label in the job. I...
    Harish Mistri
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  • Some salesforce custom objects not visible in connection

    I am trying to add some new Salesforce custom objects to a data replication task but they are not visible when I search for them.  The user credentials for the SalesForce Connection does have full rights to these...
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  • Cannot Find Source Connector to Delete

    I was attempting to create a data mapping under Data Integration. As I got to the end, I did not have the correct password for the final connector and I had to abandon my creation of the data mapping. As a result, the...
    Kevin Rexroad
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  • How to enable the replication options?

    Hi! I want to select "Incremental load" as the load type of my replication task but the radio buttons under the "Replication Options" are disabled.  
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  • Replication Task - Incremental loads after initial full load

    I have a question regarding replication task, actually option "Incremental loads after initial  full load" is disable, only I can select Full load each run.   How I can enable this option? Thanks
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  • Performance Improvement on Log Tables

    Hello,   Our IDR replicate a oracle source which has billions in volume to the target, in doing so it also captures the changed records into the log table. Since, there are lot of activity going on to the source...
  • What is Informatica Data Replication ?

    Hi All,   Can someone help me explain what is IDR ? what are the uses of IDR ? how to work on the tool ?
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  • Stored Procedure - Different Location

    Hello,   I'm trying to create a SQL mapping to call a stored procedure, but it's not appearing. It's not appearing because the stored proc is located in "Packages", rather than "Stored Procedures" on the server....
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  • Kafka partitioned topics with IDR

    We are using IDR 9.7.0 HF2 to output CDC traffic into kafka topics.   We are using USE_TABLE_NAME to generate one topic per table. We would like to be able to have one topic per source table(which we already d...
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  • Is Oracle Exadata supported by Informatica Replication?

    I've seen a variety of other discussions that appear to be about whether Oracle Exadata is supported for various Informatica products, but I wanted to get a definitive answer if possible.   Currently my business...
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  • Can Informatica change data capture follow when a publisher is in a SQLserver availability group that fails over to another server?

    We want to architect a change data capture source from SQLserver 2012 that is part of an AlwaysOn availability group.  Is there a configuration that allows change data capture to continue sourcing data from the f...
  • Reading from Mixpanel as source

    Hi, I am trying to setup ETL for mixpanel data in our informatica cloud.   Attached is a screenshot of our current connection settings. But i am unable to get past the authentication (see attached error) ...
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  • IDR to HDFS (Hadoop)

    Dear All,       We have a requirement to load data from Oracle to HDFS. I was able to establish connection with existing IDR VERSION (9.6.4) and able to successfully write data to HDFS. But i...
    Praveen Kumar
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  • read data tables from tables on db2 / zos or db2 /as400

    Hi   Does IDR v 9.7 can  read data from tables on db2 / zos or db2 /as400   Thanks
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  • DB2 to Aurora

    Hi, Does Data replication support DB2 to Aurora? Also, does it have support for bi-directional updates? Thanks, Krishnan
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  • apply updates as inserts in the target database using informatica IDR 9.6.4

    Hi,   Currently we are using Informatica IDR to replicate DML changes (inserts and updates ) from Source database (Operational Data Store) to a target database (postgres data warehouse).     My questi...
    last modified by melwin.singaramiag.com.au
  • Dynamically changing the structure of source table.

    Hello! We use informatics of version 10.11 and we faced with the problem of dynamically changing the source table, the fields can both be added and deleted, this raises a problem as the table structure changes severa...
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