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Data Replication

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Informatica Data Replication 9.6.2 has been released to shipping and is available to existing customers immediately.


This release contains a number of features and enhancements, some highlights include:


  • Improved Interface for Deploying Configurations
    • In the Data Replication Console, the new Deploy a Configuration wizard guides you through configuring a full or partial deployment of a replication configuration locally or to a remote environment.
    • Also, the deployment feature provides the following new files to help you configure and monitor deployments:
      • A sample file in the DataReplication_installation/doc/samples/deploy subdirectory, which you can use to configure a deployment
      • A deployment.log file in the DataReplication_installation/logs subdirectory, which contains the error, warning, and informational messages that were issued during deployment of a configuration from the Data Replication Console


  • Reinstated Sources and Targets
    • The Data Replication 9.6.2 release reinstates support for the following sources and targets that were temporarily not supported in version 9.6.1:
    • Microsoft SQL Server sources.
    • Cloudera, DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, flat files, Hortonworks, MySQL, and Vertica targets.


  • Support for Amazon Redshift Targets
  • Enhanced Support for Database Character Set Conversion
  • Enhanced Support for Managing Database Supplemental Logging
  • Replicating Named Inline Constraints for Table Columns (Behavior Change, please see doc for details)



Release Notes:

PAM: PAM for Informatica Data Replication (IDR) 9.6.2


iDR 9.5 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.



Data Replication 9.5 enables operational data to be synchronized bi-directionally with conflict handling, replicates schema changes across heterogeneous databases, enhances transformations capability by leveraging SQL scripting, offers an API to publish transactional data to 3RD party application such as JMS, apply database changes to Hadoop, and with increased security protecting your data. Highlights include the following




Big Data


  • Data Replication can write transactional changes to flat files on a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)




  • Bidirectional Replication with conflict detection and resolution
  • Heterogeneous DDL Replication
  • Support for SQL Transformation
  • Deployment  support for delta changes in the configurations




  •   Encryption support for intermediate files.
  •   Multi user support
  •   HTTPS support for communication between Server Manager instances
  • Support for deployment topologies in which the Server Manager Main server is secured with Network Address Translation (NAT).




  • Data Replication provides a RESTful application programming interface (API) for third-party applications






  • Automatic generation of configuration files based on XML templates
  • Intermediate file viewer to enable viewing of content of data and transaction files
  • Automatic mapping support based on prefix and suffix wild cards



Release Note for this version is available here



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