20 December 2019 sees the release of the Informatica Data Replication Version 9.8.0 HotFix 2. Whilst this release does contain some important new functionalities, it is again primarily aimed to provide further stability for existing users of the IDR product by rolling up and generally making some critical bug fixes available.


Key changes in support being made available in this release include:

  • PAM
    • Oracle 19c Support
  • Functionality Changes
    • Teradata JDBC version verification. Data Replication Console verifies that the Teradata JDBC driver version is equal to or greater than the Teradata database version. The validation now only considers the major and minor version numbers; the patch version numbers have been removed from the check.
    • Timestamp added to zip file name. Data Replication now adds a timestamp to the generated zip file when collecting diagnostic information. The new name pattern is “diag_timestamp.zip”.
    • Multiple Users can now connect to the Server manager main server by using the same User account. This will help where customers wish to operate and manage Data Replication by using more automated scheduling/monitoring tools.


As always, for a complete list of features and updates as well as instructions on how to enable them, please review the appropriate Informatica Data Replication documentation, which is available for this release.


Who would benefit from this release?


This release is for all customers wishing to update their environment to benefit from the latest implementations around code bug fixes.


Why should you care?


These enhancements are necessary to update and improve the overall functionality and stability of the product by addressing many customer issues.


Release Notes: https://docs.informatica.com/data-replication/data-replication/9-8-0-hotfix-2/release-notes.html


PAM: https://network.informatica.com/docs/DOC-18496


You can download the Hotfixes from here.