This release contains a number of features and enhancements, some highlights include:


  • Informatica Data Replication 9.6.4 includes the following new security features and enhancements:
    • Extended Session ID:  After the Data Replication Console connects to the Server Manager Main server, the Server Manager assigns a session ID to the Console. All subsequent requests from the Data Replication Console to the Server Manager must include the session ID to authenticate the Console.
    • Account Lockout:  You can configure the maximum number of times that users can retry entering a password for logging in to the Server Manager Main server from the Data Replication Console or the Server Manager Command-Line Interface (CLI). If a user fails to enter a correct password after the maximum number of retries, the Server Manager temporarily locks out the user account.
    • Password StrengthThe Data Replication Console and the Server Manager CLI can now enforce the following password-strength policies when you create or edit a user account or connect to the Server Manager Main server:
      • Minimum password length
      • Use of both uppercase and lowercase characters
      • Use of numbers
      • Use of punctuation and symbols
    • Password Expiration: Data Replication can now enforce a password expiration policy for user accounts.
    • Password for the idradmin Account: By default, the idradmin user has no password. If Data Replication is configured to enforce password-strength policies, the second time you connect to the Server Manager as the idradmin user, the Data Replication Console now requires you to specify a password for the idradmin account.
    • Secure Storage of Database Passwords: Data Replication can now encrypt the database passwords that you specify for source and target database connections by using the AES256 encryption algorithm.
  • Managing Change Data Capture (CDC) for Remote Microsoft SQL Server Sources: Prior to Data Replication 9.6.4, the Server Manager could manage SQL Server CDC settings only if the SQL Server instance and the Server Manager ran on the same system. In Data Replication 9.6.4, the Server Manager can also manage CDC settings for remote Microsoft SQL Server sources.
  • InitialSync Enhancements for Loading Data with the SQL Server Bulk Copy Program
  • Oracle User Name Field in Audit Log Tables
  • Secure Connections to Amazon Redshift Targets

Informatica Data Replication 9.6.4 Release Notes

PAM for Informatica Data Replication 9.6.4