Data Replication 9.6.2 introduced the ability to capture change data from Oracle 12c sources but did not support any of the features that Oracle 12c introduced. Data Replication 9.6.3 now replicates data from sources that use the following Oracle 12c features:

  • Columns that have extended datatypes of up to 32,767 bytes in size, including NVARCHAR2, RAW, and

VARCHAR2 columns.

  • Tables for which Oracle In-Database Archiving is enabled. However, Data Replication does not replicate

the ROW ARCHIVAL clause and does not replicate DML or DDL operations for the hidden system column ORA_ARCHIVE_STATE.

  • Columns that are defined as invisible.
  • Numeric columns that are defined with the IDENTITY clause. If a source DDL statement contains the IDENTITY clause, the Applier executes the equivalent DDL statement on the target but without the IDENTITY clause.
  • Databases that use multitenant architecture. For Data Replication to capture changes, the source tables must reside in a single pluggable database (PDB) within a multitenant container database (CDB). In the Data Replication Console, enter the name of the PDB in the Instance field on the Source Database tab.



Informatica Data Replication 9.6.3 Release Notes

PAM for Informatica Data Replication 9.6.3