Informatica Data Replication (IDR) 9.1.0 can be leveraged to perform the following:


  • Continuous replication for achieving ultra-low latency
  • Deploy configurations to local or remote server manager
  • Process online redo logs from Oracle RAC and enable loopback avoidance
  • Achieve no data loss with advanced recovery and monitor throughput and latency with statistics helper


Highlights of the release:


  • ICC Deployment
  • Administrators/DBAs can now deploy configurations across multiple server managers along with connection override
  • Continuous Replication with ultra low latency
  • Replication can be now run continuously so that changes are continuously captured and propagated to the target
  • Zero Data Loss
  • Advanced recovery enables Data Replication to ensure no data gets lost by saving checkpoint information within the same transaction as the data
  • Improved Performance
  • Advanced load balancing algorithms to optimize and improve Apply task performance


Informatica Data Replication 9.1.0 Release Notes


Please use the following link to download the hotfix: