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Data Validation Option

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Data Validation Option 10.0 is available immediately.


Data Validation Option 10.0 includes the following capabilities :



  • Hadoop Connectivity via ODBC
  • Ability to specify Mainframe Flat File name via DVO GUI


DVOcmd Enhancements     

  • Export all objects in one or more folders
  • Export individual objects based on their External IDs    
  • Skip invalid objects during export          
  • Refresh multiple PC metadata folders at one time          
  • Run all Table Pairs/Single Tables in one or more folders
  • Install all Table Pairs/Single Tables in one or more folders


Metadata Import and Object Copy 

  • Change PC Repository Name when importing Objects  
  • External ID retained on import when duplicate found  
  • External ID retained when copied and a duplicate found


Folder Metadata Refresh Performance Improvements

Authenticate failover support when primary domain gateway goes down

Additional Enhancements

  • Numerous EBFs and smaller usability enhancements within the product


Release Notes:

PAM: Informatica PowerCenter DVO 10.0 PAM