• Expose Informatica Mapping as REST webservie to consume the data

    We need to receive the data from external source as JSON. They will be pushing the data to our environment. They will write a program to push data in json format to our REST webservice.   We need to expose infor...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Rest_Consumer transformation is not parsing JSON source data

    Hi All,   In Rest_Consumer transformation JSON output. Not able to parse the data. ERROR: [LDTMCMN_0029] The LDTM could not complete the request because of the following error: com.informatica.sdk.dtm.Executio...
    Nataraj Nanjukutty
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  • HOW TO: remove default service selection in the IICS UI?

    I saw the article "HOW TO: Set default service in the IICS UI". Is there an option to remove a default selection? I want the default screen back to "My Services" window.
    Sam Kuriadom
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  • Creating a warm swap Informatica Powercenter Server 10.x

    My question is what considerations need to happen in this scenario. 1.  There is already an active production PowerCenter 10.x server for years. 2.  What considerations need to be addressed when installing...
    Steven Grosskopf
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  • Trigger workflow based Web services(SOAP published data)

    We have requirement to Trigger workflow based Web services(SOAP published data).  When data is published in webservice. the data get stored in table. But is it possible to capture the published status and trigger...
    Nataraj Nanjukutty
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  • How to know the date is in last month

    I have a date field in salesforce that is a "date" datatype. I would like to know if the field, for example, CreatedDate=LAST_MONTH in the expression transformation. How can I achieve this?
    Satya Makani
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  • How to set value for mapping parameters for REST service calls

    Hi, everyone. I am creating REST web services from physical data objects.  My intent is to set required filters, so people can't pull entire tables in a single service call.  I thought I'd accomplish this b...
    Jared Masterson
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  • Will deleting a user in Informatica cause Salesforce to re-login?

    Hello everyone,   I have a case where some how, one user created a duplicate login. For example, she has two users in Informatica Cloud now.   jane.doe@ranken.edu jane.doe@ranken.edu.Salesforce   I ...
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  • DOM_10079 error

    please help to solve this problem
  • IICS Secure Agent: Process Server is in 'Error' Status

    Hi ,   I am trying to install the secure agent , I have tried restarting and waited so that all background downloads are complete. Still I'm facing below error in Audit Log .     Can someone please ...
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  • REST Web Service Consumer Transformation Supported Content-Types

    What are all the supported Content-Types to HTTP Get using REST Web Service Consumer Transformation?
    Mohamed Faiez
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  • join from two different source tables is slow

    I create a data service with two tables from different source,and write a sql as "select ple.ipl_id,sdt.entity_id,count(1) from V_ISS_PACK_LIST_E_TI ple  inner join V_ISS_SHIPMENT_DELIVERY_T1 sdt ON ple.entity_i...
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  • Informatica service went down with message code SPC_10008

    Informatica Service Process went down in our Production recently and it throws with error message code SPC_10008   More details:   Service process [INFA_INT_GLOBAL_PRD] generated the following output error...
  • Facing issue while parameterizing expresson for a Group in Informatica TDM

    I am facing issue with parameterization of expression for Group created in Define of Informatica TDM. Getting Invalid expression error while generating the plan.   Error: An Exception has occured. com.informati...
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  • Upgrade 9.6.1 -> 10.2

    Do I run both the  Pre-Installation System Check Tool and the Upgrade Advisor.... And if all good, just run the Upgrade to Informatica 10.2.0?   We are currently running 9.6.1 in /opt/informatica/Informatic...
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  • End of life for Infomatica Data services and Virtualization.

    Dear all,   Can you please help me with the End Of Life dates for Informatica data services and Informatica data virtualization for recent versions?   I am able to find same information for Powercenter but...
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  • Upload Data Lineage Diagrams/ Process Diagrams metadata in Axon

    Hi,   I have a set of data lineage diagrams (created in Visio). I need to load these data lineage diagrams metadata in Axon. Since the number of such process diagrams is large, I am looking at a way to automate ...
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  • How to connect to SQLServer with a dynamic port in IDQV10?

    Hello, we are trying to connect to a SQLserver database with a dynamic port in IDQV10 but we can't because the DIS shuts down. Has anybody had the same problem and how did you resolve it? We are in migration proje...
  • REST consumer transformation errors with get call when endpoint REST application sends empty response

    The rest consumer transformation with http get call errors out when the endpoint REST application does not send any response/contains empty response.One of the older KB articles  mentioned below to include the re...
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  • Issues running Dynamic Mapping

    Hi Team,   I am facing below error while running a dynamic mapping, can you please help?   [ICMD_10033] Command [RunMapping] failed with error [com.informatica.ds.ms.service.MappingServiceImpl.asyncPipelin...
    Koustav Dutta
    created by Koustav Dutta