• How can I clone a row?

    How do I create a clone/copy of all records in a given stream?   Simple example below. I have 2 records in a given table/file/etc.   Col1     Col2     isCloneRow 1...
    Tony Coco
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  • How to parse json response returns from SOAP webservice without using Data Processor

    We have a SOAP Webservice which returns json in one of the tag as below. We are using Informatica developer 10.4. using webservice consumer transformation to get the data and we need to parse the data now. is it possi...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • How to connect to Oracle db from different host?

    Hi,   I have installed the Informatica secure agent on an AWS instance. I am now trying to establish a connection in IICS to an Oracle db (local host) which is on my local machine. This is why I believe I am get...
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  • Queries with REST Data service in IDQ

    Dear all, Have created REST webservice in IDQ10.4.1. Get a data from the table. Have observed below issues and trying to get it resolved.   1) Column order is changing in the response. for ex. my table is Rowid,...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Lookup with multiple conditions

    Hi,   I have a requirement like below.   SOURCE TABLE : EMP_WORK_A LOOKUP TABLE : EMP     Lookup on EMP on month_Wid and employee_num. If there is not a match insert source row EMP_WORK_A.x_...
    Vedha B
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  • Fault Transformation - IDQ Webservice

    Dear All, We have created a SOAP Data service in IDQ for request and response. We need to send fault message for all the errors (Memory issue, max process issue, environment issues, database connectivity issue, etc). ...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Datasource service

    I have enabled Datasource in secure agent system service. But the issue i am facing is that, th database Connection goes into stale connection state and not responding.   workaround:-      o...
    mani vincent
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  • Error creating delegate data source for 'JNDI: jdbc/XXXMSSQL'      Error looking up JNDI DataSource (not found).

    getting below error from dataaccess service..   followed below steps 1.. copied sqljdbc41.jar into ...Process Developer\designer\plugins\com.activee.serverep_9.35.0.201807121021\server\lib 2. ...\Process Deve...
    mani vincent
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  • Client uninstall logging

    We're having an issue uninstalling the 10.1 client. When we do it manually, we get a message "the client folder is in use".     The uninstaller isn't generating any logs, so I have no idea what its gettin...
    Joe Swenson
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  • Corruptiting text written in Cyrillic in PowerCenter Repository service 10.4

    Corruptiting of Cyrillic text in PowerCenter Repository service 10.4 occurs in the following cases:   converting repository version : 184 -> to repository version : 188 (update from 9.6.1 -> to 10.4 ) usi...
    Dzmitry Yachnik
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  • Assign workflow based on data value

    Greetings and Salutations,   I am trying to determine if something is possible, and if so, how to do it.  I have an Data Quality (10.2 HF2) workflow that is taking work performed by agents and auditing said...
    Nick St. John
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  • Question on Informatica Data Service

    Dear All, We have created a SOAP Data service (Webservice created using IDQ 10.4.1) to receive the data from third Party (Input [Required columns] -> flow 1 -> Load into Oracle DB -> flow2 -> Send response...
    Dhinesh Kumar
    created by Dhinesh Kumar
  • Issue in parsing webservice output - Complexport/Dataoutput/dotnet data table

    We are invoking SOAP webservice using web service consumer transformation which returns output as dataoutput (.net data table) and informatica is not returns any data.   when we invoke the service from SOAPUI, it...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Informatica Analyst - How to tell who created a glossary business term and when it was created

    In a glossary in Informatica Analyst 10.2.2, is it possible to view: Who created a business term? When the business term was created?   When viewing a glossary, there are filters on the right for "Created by" ...
    Julie Stratton
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  • How to Add Username/password to Postman while invoking Informatica REST Webservice

    Have created informatica REST webservice (data service) and enabled ws security option in informatica 10.4 (data quality version).   Once deployed, i can able to invoke the webservice from postman using basic Au...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Not able to Invoke webservice using REST consumer transformation using Put method to post the data

    Hi Experts,   I have created the mapping to update the data using PUT method. Steps involved   1) Created input XML (converted json to xml and added <xmlRoot> tag I need to post "{"value": 1234}" dat...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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  • Conversion of Informatica to Java spring

    Team,   Kindly let me know the steps or document if any for converting Informatica 10.1/10.2jobs to Java Spring Batch
    Sowmya Aswath
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  • Window function

    Hi,   Is it possible to implement window functions for relative database in Informatica developer in one flow? As I undestood it is possible for Spark engine using Expression, is there something like that for re...
    Natalia Skiba
    created by Natalia Skiba
  • Trigger Workflow based on Webservice

    We have requirement to Trigger workflow based Web services(SOAP published data).  When data is published in webservice. the data get stored in table. But is it possible to capture the published status and trigger...
  • Real time integration

    We have a requirement to build a realtime solution. We have created SOAP webservice (Mapping) to capture the data from Webservice and load into Table. Now, we have to build a solution to invoke another workflow /mappi...
    Dhinesh Kumar
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