• Synchronization Task - Error

    Hi Team,   I have Synchronization Task in our production system which started failing without any code change. The error description is not detailed enough to debug the failure. How do I contact Informatica Glo...
    Thulasiraman Ekambaram
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  • Informatica CDI Java heap space error

    I have an informatica cloud process, which return an array of process objects. It returns 20K+ rows. Running a mapping, where I have this process as Source, the mapping fails every time with this error [ERROR] Error...
    asd das
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  • How to convert English Character into Japanese Character while loading the data by Informatica Cloud (Data Integration)

    Hi Team,   Requirement: Want to convert English Character into Japanese Character while loading the data by the Informatica Cloud  (Data Integration)   Example:  JAPAN is an English Character wh...
    Rumit Shah
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  • Job should be triggered on source data insertion.

    Hi , Is it possible to triggered Job, Task flow, Task or Mapping  once data inserted or updated into Source DB only? Suppose I have data into my source table up to date 12th July 2021 and for next day Job shoul...
    Sharad Gawade
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  • Salesforce: JRM to EDA Framework

    Hello.  Has anyone converted their Salesforce org from a Jenzabar JRM framework to the Salesforce EDA?  I am trying to find the best practices from for converting my data from one org to the other. Thanks
    Laura Sheffey
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  • How to Switch from Hub Overview Diagram to Welcome Page on User Login in DIH

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    Arun Som
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  • java.lang.NullPointerException error with REST API Synchronization task

    Hi, I am trying to create a data synchronization task using a Rest API connection (ReST - Informatica Cloud Labs) and am getting the following errors:     Exception : class java.lang.NullPointerException o...
    Kieran Kepler
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  • Using a port name as a value in a mapping

    We are building our data quality pipeline in Informatica Developer 10.4.1. We take each input port from the source table and pass the values in that port through a series of mapplets to execute various DQ processes....
    Philip Sinfield
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  • How to Run a Publication or Subscription from Command Line in DIH

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    Arun Som
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  • Data Integration Hub 10.5.0 is Now Available

    DIH 10.5.0 Release includes the following main features and enhancements:   Ability to fetch the events based on various filter criteria using an API. Support to re-process and re-consume data for subscriptions...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Help me find the answer

    Hi all, I was going through this course ( IICS: Cloud Data Integration Services R35) and I see some contradictions between the course content and Quiz. Please help me with the answer.  Question;    ...
    Nandan H M
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  • Exporting Multi-select Salesforce Fields into separate columns in csv

    Howdy y'all! I have a Mapping with a Salesforce source where I am trying to get a multiselect field in salesforce that may or may not have multiple values to populate different So, Salesforce Field1 has: Value1; Val...
    Tim Hardin
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  • How to map specific record type from source to specific record type in target

    I am trying to find a way to migrate data from Salesforce A to Salesfore B Account data with specific conditions in place. Source condition is RecordType.Name= 'Customer Account' AND RecordType.Name='Partner Account' ...
    Nihar BHATT
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  • Azure Connection error while creating a task

    Getting this error while I try to create a synchronization task. What may be the reason?
    Retro Flame
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  • Is it possible to use a value generated in a shell script by assigning it to a temporary field during the execution of a taskflow?

    For example, is it possible to read the name of a certain file in a shell script called from a command task and assign it to a temp field in the taskflow?
    Pedro Rodriguez
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  • Error when reading multiple base64 data from Salesforce via Lookup in IICS Data Integration

    The requirement is to generate files based on base64 data from Salesforce "Attachment" object using IICS Data integration. As there are many (>10,000) base64 records need to be processed, I first retrieve the ID on...
    Robert Max
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  • Data Integration Hub 10.4.1 is Now Available

    Data Integration Hub 10.4.1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.   The release includes the following main features and enhancements:   • Ability to define a splash message to d...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Error while fetching data from Google BigQuery Source System after integrating it with IICS.

    Hi Everyone,   I have an issue while fetching the data from Google BigQuery System and target being the Flat File (CSV). Steps that I followed: Connection mode: Simple Read mode: Direct ( we do not have the p...
    Akshay Anand
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  • How to send a notification for long running pub/sub and also if something doesn't run as per schedule

    Is it possible to setup a notification alert if a pub/sub 1)taking more than usual time to complete 2)doesn't run as per schedule DIH Monitors have limited options, doesn't help to address the above two. Please suggest
    EAOperational Support
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  • Delete rows from target if they no longer exist in the source through IICS

    Hi,   I am trying to delete rows from target if they are not existing in the source through IICS. My source is Db2 on zOS and target is mongodb and i am using data synchronization task to do this.   Stran...
    J George
    created by J George