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Data Integration Hub 10.4.0 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.

The release includes the following main features and enhancements:


  • Topic Tags: You can assign tags to topics to easily filter associated topics on the Topics page and the Catalog page
  • Add Topic Tables from a Metadata File: Ability to define the topic structure for a publication repository from a metadata file
  • Duplicate Entities: You can duplicate topics, publications, and subscriptions
  • Export Import: Ability to export and import Data Integration Hub entities from the Operation Console
  • Define Workflow Permissions: When you create or edit a Data Integration Hub workflow, you can select categories for the workflow
  • Scheduler Enhancements: Multiple scheduler enhancements as well as finer granularity for some of the scheduling schemes
  • PowerCenter Workflow and Mappings: The size of the PowerCenter workflows and mappings you use to create Data Integration Hub workflow has increased from 10MB to 20MB
  • PAM Enhancements: The supported list of databases and work environments have been expanded and updated to include support for Oracle 18c and 19c and Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Globalization Enhancement: Support for simplified Chinese


Release Notes: