Data Integration Hub 9.6.2  introduces Data Integration Hub for Big Data with the following main features:


Hadoop-based publication repository

  • Define Hadoop-based publication repository and manage some or all of your topics on Hadoop. You can now use all DIH functionality with Hadoop-based publication repository.
  • Data Integration Hub 9.6.2 introduces an hybrid approach that allows you to define multiple types of publication repositories: relational database, file-based, Hadoop-based.

Support HDFS sources and targets with automatic mapping

  • Publish and deliver flat files from and to a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with publications and subscriptions that use automatic mapping.

Data Integration Hub 9.6.2  also introduces the following main features:

Changes to Wizard

  • The publication and subscription wizards are now customized based on the type of publication or subscription that is selected.


File-based publication repository

  • New pass-through publications to publish files “as-is” to a file-based publication repository without parsing the file and loading it to relational database publication repository. User can now use  pass-through subscriptions to consume files that were stored in a file-based publication repository.


Topic Structure Updates

  • Updates to topic structure that do not require Data Integration Hub to delete tables or columns do not cause the associated publications and subscriptions to become not valid, and cause no data loss.


Disable and enable publications and subscriptions

  • Operators can disable and enable publications and subscriptions from within the Operation Console. A disabled publication or subscription does not run according to schedule or by an external API.


Improved Feedback from Run Publication and Subscription APIs

  • User can track whether the publication or subscription process is still running, and when the process is complete, whether the publication or subscription process completed successfully or failed. If the process fails, the response to the query includes the cause of the failure.


Refer to Data Integration Hub Release Guide for a full list of additional new features introduced in version 9.6.2.

Informatica Data Integration Hub - 9.6.2 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for Data Integration Hub 9.6.2