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Data Integration Hub 9.6.1 includes the following main features:


Self Service:


  • Enable table and field mapping for publications and subscriptions with auto-generated mappings
  • Extends the use of auto generated mappings to cases where the structure of the source is not identical to the structure of the target.
  • Users can manually map publication source tables and fields to the topic and map topic tables and fields to the subscription target.


Unbound subscription:

A subscription that is not restricted to specific publication instances. An unbound subscription subscribes to all the data that a publication publishes and consumes the data based on the subscription filter


Publish files when they are ready to be published:

A scheduling option for file-based publications that runs the publication immediately when published files are ready



  • Control data access at the topic level
  • Publication and subscription privileges


High availability:

Support deployment of Data Integration Hub in a clustered environment in an active/active configuration to allow resilience and a highly available environment


Informatica Data Integration Hub - 9.6.1 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for Data Integration Hub 9.6.1