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Data Integration Hub 9.6 includes the following main features:


Topic introduction and Multiple publishers to same topic

A topic is an entity that represents data domain that is  published and consumed by application in the hub. A topic defines the data structure (canonical) for the data domain.

Multiple applications can publish to the same topic. Publications publish data with the structure as presented by the topic. Topics can be consumed by multiple applications.


Select columns and filter conditions  to Consume in Subscribers with Automatic Mapping

When you create a subscription that uses an automatic mapping, you can define which parts of the data to consume: tables, columns, and rows. Data Integration Hub uses the definitions when creating the automatic mapping for the subscription.


Publication Real-Time Workflow

Publish data from real-time sources to the Data Integration Hub publication repository using PowerCenter real-time workflows. Group published data into a single publication according to predefined intervals.

Dashboard and Reports

Dashboard and reports option  includes a set of charts that present a high level view of publication and subscription activities in Data Integration Hub.


See DIH Release Guide for a full list of additional new features introduced in Data Integration Hub 9.6.


Informatica Data Integration Hub - 9.6.0 - Release Guide - (English)

PAM for Data Integration Hub 9.6