Data Integration Hub 1.0 HotFix 1 includes the following main features:


Additional Sources/Targets in Automatic Mapping

Data Integration Hub can generate automatic mappings also  for the following data sources and data targets:

  • IBM DB2 database
  • Flat file


Publication Pre-Processing

If there is a need for  a preparation process before the publication, it can be run and managed from DIH as  a publication pre-process. Data Integration Hub triggers the preparation process before it triggers the publication process. The operator has full end-to-end visibility to the entire publication process, including both the preparation and the publication steps.


Run Publications and Subscriptions from a Command-Line API

DIH provides a command-line API that triggers  a specific publication, or a specific subscription.

This API can be used to trigger DIH publications and subscription from an external scheduler or with an external trigger.


Auto Managed Partitioning for Publication Repository

DIH enables partitioning for the publication repository. DIH manages the partitioning schema and function with no need for DBA involvement.

Enabling partitioning is highly recommended for improving publication management performance.


PAM for Data Integration Hub 1.0 Hotfix 1

Informatica Data Integration Hub - 1.0.0 HotFix 1 - Release Notes - (English)