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B2B Data Transformation provides a new pre-processor which supports Excel 2003/2007/2010 versions. The new pre-processor support the following excel formats:

  • xls
  • xlsx
  • xlsm
  • Mac 2011 files


Release Notes:


B2B Data Transformation 9.1.0 HotFix 2

Highlights of this release:


  • Web Service APIs
    • Trading Partner Management web-service APIs to manage partners, profiles, and accounts
    • Web Service Endpoint API - you can use it to send input documents to a B2B Data Exchange endpoint and route them to the relevant processing profile.
  • Partner Promotion

Operator can use B2B Data Exchange Operation Console to promote partners from one environment to another.

  • Dashboard and Reports

B2B Data Exchange provides a dashboard with a set of charts and reports for monitoring key performance indicators.

The dashboard provides the following charts:

  • Error Rate
  • Error Rate by Partner
  • Error Rate by Event Type
  • Events Distribution
  • Events Processing Time


B2B Data Exchange 9.1.0 Release Notes

B2B Data Transformation 9.1.0 libraries update contains the following:


  • SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area
    • SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme v5.0
    • SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme v5.0
    • SEPA Business To Business Direct Debit Scheme v3.0
  • HIPAA – maintenance, bug fixes
  • DTCC-NSCC – March 2011 Enhancements
  • EDI-X12 – version 6020
  • HL7 – adjustment to the library installer to allow installation with Data Transformation 9.1.0
  • EDIFACT – adjustment to the library installer to allow installation with Data Transformation 9.1.0


Release notes:


DT 9.1.0 DTCC-NSCC Library

DT 9.0.1 EDIFACT Library

DT 9.1.0 EDI-X12 Library

DT 9.0.1 FIX Library

DT 9.1.0 HIPAA Library

DT 9.1.0 SEPA Library

Highlights of this release:


  • HIPAA 4010 ó 5010 Crosswalk – the Data Transformation Accelerator Crosswalk spreadsheets package is now updated to support 4010A1 ó 5010A1 mappers, as well as Office 2003 and Office 2007 based implementations.
  • HIPAA 5010A1 Errata update – the Data Transformation HIPAA Validation library and its relevant validation engine components are now updated to support HIPAA 5010A1 Errata updates.

Release notes

Data Transformation HIPAA Crosswalk

Data Transformation HIPAA Validation Add-On

B2B Data Transformation libraries update contains the following:

  • HIPAA - 5010A1 version addition
  • NCPDP - D.0 version addition 
  • NIEM - native XSD support verification for possible NIEM 2.1 IEPD and specific verification of NIEM current published domains
    Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN)
    • Emergency Management
    • Immigration 
    • Infrastructure Protection 
    • Intelligence
    • International Trade
    • Justice 
    • Maritime
    • Screening 
    • (Youth and) Family Services


Release Notes

Data Transformation HIPAA Library

Data Transformation NCPDP Library

Highlights of this version:

  • DTA is upgraded to run in the Microsoft Excel 2010 environment in addition to the Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Certification with Windows 7


Release Notes

Data Transformation Accelerator Version

Highlights of this HotFix:
  • Crosswalk enhancements and bug fixes
  • Support for Office 2007 (.xlsx format)


Release Notes

Data Transformation 9.0.1 SP2 HIPAA 4010-5010 Crosswalk Reference Implementation

Following are the highlights of this release:



New Version

Winter 2007

Spring 2008

Fall 2008

Spring 2009

Fall 2009

DTCC-NSCCSeptember 2010









EDI-X125050 (also known as V5R5)
FIX 5.0SP15.0 SP2
HIPAA5010 (also known as V5R1)
HIPAA Validation5010 (also known as V5R1) 999 UI setting separate port per acknowledgement type 



Release Notes

Highlight of this release:


  • DTA was upgraded to run in the Microsoft Excel 2007 environment.


Release Notes

Following are some of the highlights of this release:


  • VRL Editor - Enables visual editing of data validation rules.
  • Streamer Enhancements - Batch processing, running a streamer as a splitter, reporting the end of the source data.
  • XML Streamers - Enable processing large XML streams.
  • Eclipse 3.3 - New Eclipse version that supplies an XML schema editor.
  • xs:anyType support - Project option to treat undefined types as xs:anyType.
  • Data Transformation 9.0.1 now supports webMethods 8.0.
  • Data Transformation 9.0.1 supports WMB 7.0.


Release Notes

B2B Data Exchange 9.0.1 was released in July 2010 and includes the following:


  • Community Management
    • Trading Partner On-boarding Checklist: Streamline the on-boarding process by making use of predefined checklists. Improve tracking, control, visibility and management of on-boarding process.
    • Profile Parameters: Improve the overall user experience of defining and using partner profile parameters.
    • Partner Custom Attributes: Customizable partner management.
    • Endpoints Management: Available using Data Exchange operation console.
    • Enhanced routing: Explicit routing capabilities.
    • Managed File Transfer (MFT): Simplified MFT configuration as a part of the partner on-boarding process.


  • Security
    • Access Control: Role-based control over trading partner functional and data access to B2B Data Exchange.
    • Authentication: Through Informatica platform.
    • Enhanced Delayed Processing Mechanism: Additional variety of rule types. Improved usability and visibility for delayed processing rules.
  • High Availability: Support for Active-Active configurations.

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