The release includes the following main features and enhancements:


  • Enhanced integration of B2B DX and MFT, offering integrated partner management and data exchange process.
  • New DX Endpoint types that support remote and hosted MFT connectivity with trading partners
  • DX MFT Connections management that supports connectivity to remote partner servers
  • DX MFT Web Users management that supports connectivity to hosted organization servers
  • SSO launch for MFT console from DX console
  • DX Event log includes MFT log information
  • Sample MFT Projects for DX Endpoints, with pre-configured common tasks

PAM Updates

  • Added: Windows 10, Windows Edge Browser, SQL Server 2016, Linux SUSE 11 SP2, Solaris 11, Power Center 9.6.1 HF4, 10.1.1, 10.1.1 Update 2
  • ILM upgraded to 6.4 HF2


Informatica B2B Data Exchange 10.2 Release Notes


Informatica Managed File Transfer 10.2 Release Notes

PAM for B2B Data Exchange 10.2:


PAM for Managed File Transfer 10.2