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The release includes the following main features and enhancements:

  • Partners Portal File Exchange
    • Partners can use the Partners Portal to securely upload and download files for B2B Data Exchange. Using the portal, partners can easily exchange data files, without the need to set up file transfer software on their IT infrastructure. Partners can view a report of uploaded files and their processing status, including a link to the corresponding DX event. Partners can also download and delete files sent to them by B2B Data Exchange.
  • Connectivity Guide
    • B2B Data Exchange Operator can upload a connectivity guide document that describes how the partner configures communication with the organization, which can then be viewed from the Partners Portal.
  • Certification with PowerCenter 10.0
    • B2B Data Exchange is certified with PowerCenter 10.0
  • Select a Workflow from PowerCenter Repository
    • B2B Data Exchange Operator can select a workflow directly from the PowerCenter repository.


B2B Data Exchange 10.0 Release Notes (English)

PAM for B2B Data Exchange 10.0

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