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B2B Data Exchange is available to customers as of March 24th, 2009. Following are some of the highlights of this version:

  • Improved Integration with PowerCenter - B2B Data Exchange transformations for PowerCenter that eliminate the need to use Java code to call Data Exchange services
  • Managed File Transfer - Integration with the CLEO VLTrader communication package to receive document files from partners for processing and send document files to partners after processing. This functionality is available based on your license purchase.
  • Support large file handling - including Data Exchange transformations for passing document files by reference, document splitting, and data aggregation.
  • Simplified and streamlined management and configuration.
  • Improved usability of the Operation Console:
    • Enhanced search facility and event viewing
    • Hierarchical view of root events and child events, with the ability to drill up to view parent events and drill down to view child events.
    • Support of MIME types for enhanced file display

B2B 8.6.2 suite was released on July 13, 2009. Following are some of the key features of this release:


B2B Data Exchange 8.6.2

  • Scheduling PowerCenter batch workflows
  • Supporting file-triggered batch workflows
  • Advanced exception handling
  • PAM – Supporting Microsoft SQL Server

Data Transformation 8.6.2

  • Vertical Content Focused
    • HIPAA – 4010, 5010, 4010 - 5010 mappers, full validation support
    • SWIFT – 2009 spec support (production date by SWIFT– November 2009)
    • NACHA – 2009 spec support (production date by NACHA – September 2009)
    • DTCC-NSCC – September 2009 enhancements, full validation
    • Library customization – PDF Spec Generation
  • DT Engine additions to support complex validations
    • Validators – Extract and validate data within one anchor
    • Notifications – Catch/report errors
    • Validation Rule Language (vrl) – XPath 1.0 based actions to validate XML structures vs. set of pre-defined rules


Data Transformation Accelerator 8.6.2

  • Aliases for XPaths
  • Inserting multiple rows
  • Date and time functions

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